Non Governmental Group Set Sight to Tackle Gambling, Among Boys

A non-governmental organization, Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN), has announced steps to tackle the increasing number of boys growing up without positive focus and other vices and challenges associated with them.

A statement by the group, said “It is observed that “many of the boys believe their fathers are a failure, the government has failed them, and religious organization has ignored their development needs.” Such an outlook to life, it said, had gradually led to the collapse of the society, adding: “Boys Future, Boys Challenge” is a monthly global revolutionary discourse on boyhood to manhood that is aimed at parents, stakeholders, mentors, educators, family therapist and everyone working positively to help boys and adolescent male achieve the right objectives about life and living.

To develop and equip the mind of boys for successful and respectful manhood. There is need first to understand the brain science of boys, identify the qualities of success, persuade them that they have the potential for success and educate them to love, live, learn and leave a legacy. The group lamented betting and gambling among boys, even among secondary school boys, who according to it, are hoodwinked and deceived to bet and gamble with the hope of an easy escape from financial hardship.

Meanwhile, one of Nigeria’s newest and leading sports betting companies, Bigibet, in a short time has partnered with The Gamble Alert Initiative. Another not-for-profit organization formed to advocate for responsible gambling and prevent underage gambling from driving a sensitization campaign amongst students in Oyo State against underage gambling. Through this partnership, BigiBet will deliver an advocacy tour to secondary schools in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, to sensitize students on the dangers of underage gambling.

BigiBet targets to reach and sensitize over 5,000 secondary school students in Oyo State on the dangers of underage gambling in the first wave of its CSR initiative. The Sensitization tour was carried out in Ibadan between 7th of June and run through the 18th of June 2021. The Gamble Alert Initiative, whose primary mandate is to curb underage gambling. The organization lead the campaigns for responsible gambling, and help problem gamblers get clinical attention in Nigeria, also provide clinical care to secondary school students who are knee-deep in gambling already.

It is quite exciting and encouraging that different groups and organizations have shown tremendous commitment to tackling the gambling and betting menace in Nigeria. The industry has evolved from being an underground industry to a mainstream business in recent years. While it is attributed to worth over 3 billion dollars in revenue, this figure has indicated how huge the sector and how in tune the love affair Nigerians have for the gambling and betting industry. It is more than urgent that other stakeholders take it upon themselves to encourage responsible gambling to curb addiction and underage.

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