NOVOMATIC Spain: Great success of the ‘NOVO LINE™ Gold Experience

Due to NOVOMATIC Spain’s commitment to the health and safeguarding measures, the Spanish subsidiary held the first NOVOMATIC Experience, a virtual event celebrated on September 30th and October 1st to present its new product for the bar segment: NOVO LINE™ Gold.

NOVOMATIC Spain’s schedule for the product presentation was severely hampered by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. All the events and promotional activities that had been planned came to an immediate halt for an indefinite time. But the Spanish branch soon adapted to the obvious safeguarding requirements and began planning its first virtual ‘NOVOMATIC Experience’.

The original design of the event was transferred into an online format, which posed entirely new challenges for the team. Behind the scenes, the marketing department headed by Jaume Bisbal was ultimately busy. Starting from September 7th, a website was launched where customers could register, place pre-orders and participate in a raffle for the ultimate prize of genuine gold bars. Of course, product details were provided in brochures and videos – as well as in the live presentation during the scheduled days. Invitations and announcements had been sent out through the various channels and a great presence was being prepared on social media platforms. All this resulted in a large number of 430 registered participants for the event.

In the opening words of NOVOMATIC Spain Managing Director, Bernhard Teuchmann:

“This is a presentation in an unusual format. But we will try to provide a maximum of detail and information about all the advantages and benefits of this product, even though you won’t be able to touch it.”

All the new features of the NOVO LINE™ Gold offer, were demonstrated by NOVOMATIC Spain Sales Director Jordi Pedragosa. His live presentation included a detailed introduction of the product with numerous videos as well as several customer testimonials. Especially the new game titles Amazon’s Diamonds™, Asian Fortunes™ and Galactic Cherry™ were highlighted, as well as the optimized base game and the brand-new start button in the footrest.

“The NOVO LINE™ Gold Experience was met with excellent customer feedback and great results, especially considering that this was our first virtual presentation. The chat was vital in bringing us even closer to the customers and enabled us to clarify all the various product aspects and specific sales concepts”, – says Jordi Pedragosa.

Despite all its advantages, this digital platform obviously cannot replace personal customer contact with the customers. “Unfortunately, we do not yet know how to invite you for a digital meal or a virtual drink but we will certainly soon be able to compensate all this with an event in the tradition of the ‘old normal’”, said Bernhard Teuchmann.

Extremely difficult situations require innovative and efficient solutions. The NOVO LINE™ Gold Experience is excellent proof of this. The team at NOVOMATIC Spain is already working on followup ‘NOVOMATIC Experiences’ – stay tuned!

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