Nsubuga Ismail – I don’t waste time during an epidemic

Nsubuga Ismail – current operations manager Sastos Amusement ltd with a track record of delivering results in a prevailing market dynamics and a unique expertise of identifying of a strategic market population for potential operation in his business area of jurisdiction.

He is a business leader with 12years experience in the Uganda’s gambling market. Founder/franchisee level, involved in number of betting company startups. Currently his director of the only locally owned Slot Company in Uganda.

E-PLAY: What was your position on Uganda’s betting market before this COVID-19 pandemic occurred?

Nsubuga Ismail: Its actually very had to determine the position of the gambling company, this is because all the information regarding the performance of other companies is confidential. However considering the fact that they are few companies with quality slot machines in Uganda, my model of slots puts me in the best position on Uganda’s betting market.

E-PLAY: What measures did you take to maintain the company during the quarantine, which ordered for the closure of all gaming machines and bookmaker shops? What happened to employees in the shops?

Nsubuga Ismail: During the quarantine of course there is no any business going on at all my shops, however I decided to use this opportunity to renovate most of my shops that required repair and branding. Regarding my employees we agreed that the period not worked especially this April ,the company will only pay a half there salaries.

E-PLAY: What are in your opinion necessary action after returning to normal so that your company position is visible on the market again?

Nsubuga Ismail: As usual I always make business promotions for customers, when the business begins this time I will make more promotions and ran various adverts am sure will be back on the market again.

E-PLAY: Do you think of having an alternative gambling platform probably an online casino such
that your company can still work during such situations?

Nsubuga Ismail: Having an online casino would not be bad, but Sastos Amusement ltd is not licensed to carry out online casino and betting unless when the board approves us to do online casinos.

However Sastos Amusement ltd is a fully licensed gambling company operating slot machine shops around Uganda with experienced director and workers.

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