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Oddspedia is an affiliate company with a very ambitious flagship project – Oddspedia.com – most impressive odds comparison site which was recently upgraded to version 2.0. Now, Oddpsedia is an all-in-one portal that can serve the needs of everyone interested in sports, casual fans and hardcore bettors alike.

In addition, the company develops dozens of other websites specializing in sports betting and online casinos, with the goal being to create sites that are user-friendly, up to date and, most importantly, valuable to players worldwide.

They do their best to work in conjunction with all serious bookmakers on their own player retention strategy to ensure that the message they’re sending is consistent with their own marketing.

The website aims to provide as much value to the user as possible, and the information is conveyed in a manner to ensure a great user experience. It starts with guaranteeing a reliable odds comparison – odds on Oddspedia are being scanned in real-time across more than eighty bookmakers to ensure that only the most up-to-date data is displayed. This is complemented by features not commonly found in competing websites, such as geolocation to show only relevant betting sites for the user, direct links to bookmakers’ betslips, full odds movement history and various betting tools. It is what makes Oddspedia one of the best sites for odds comparison. But as a matter of fact, Oddspedia offers a lot more than that.  The website has amazing sports coverage as well, providing livescore information on more than 30 sports. Users can also explore sports statistics, bonuses and promotions, or read the latest news on their favourite leagues, teams and matches. All of this wrapped in an app-like web experience, with quick performance and a state-of-art modern design makes it easy for Oddspedia to stand out from its competitors.

Their primary goal is to be a valuable assistant for all sports fans. Up-and-coming punters can learn the basics with Oddspedia quite quickly. They can follow the sports they know well, understand the betting markets and other sports betting essentials. One of the key reasons is the clear way we display information to them – there are no complicated tables overloaded with numbers and colors or hard to grasp labels and buttons. At the same time, experienced bettors utilize more advanced features like analyzing the odds movement history, checking statistics and utilizing betting tools to their advantage.

Oddspedia has a presence in over 200 countries worldwide, including many African nations like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania. Primarily it offers reliable and real-time odds from verified bookmakers. Regarding Africa and the big iGaming potential there, the specific is that the traffic is 90% mobile.

Step forward for Publishers

One of the main issues from editors, publishers and affiliates is providing real time data to their customers. It can be extremely hard to find a proper way to do it, but Oddspedia designed two ways to provide info and stats completely for free. The Oddspedia Widgets fill the gap between the sports data feeds and the operators.

Editors will be able to get the Oddspedia Widgets for free, they just need to register in the platform and add their own affiliate links to activate the Odds Comparison Widget. Publishers will get real time sports data without any cost for them, which they can offer to their customers and readers. Deals with publishers are done on a 50/50 revenue split basis. The way the split works is that the widgets rotate with two links, one for the publisher and the other for Oddspedia. Depending on the rotation, anyone that clicks through the widget, registers and plays with a bookmaker would become a customer affiliated to either the publisher or to Oddspedia.

Technology trend-based

Oddspedia Widgets have been developed with the millennial audience in mind. The editors won’t be worried about how this Widgets will look on their websites as they are fully responsive for mobile and tablets. Another feature they will find is customizable options for all available widgets. They will look the way you want, with your own colours. After the setup, you just need to create the embed code and paste in your website.

“Our mission is to provide all the information a sports fan visiting our site might want and need, without mattering from which country he is or what kind of device he is using”, Möller said.

At the moment, there are two Oddspedia Widgets available:

Odds Comparison: The most successful widget from Oddspedia allows the publishers to compare between more than 70 bookmakers from all around the world, with a clear design and focused on providing information to the customers about odds and markets.

Match Center: On the other hand, all sports, leagues and matches will be available at the Match Center. All the info related to them will be there for your readers. That’s allowed to follow the matches in an easy way.

Improving in every aspect

Sports fans can enjoy an expanded sports coverage and can follow any professional competition for more than forty sports. Bettors can see the latest offers, utilise various betting tools, and compare odds from more than 80 leading bookmakers. The news section provides the headlines and information on sports from a multitude of sources, and the live scores on the site are being delivered in real-time if you are interested in just checking the latest results. Speaking about the News section, Oddspedia makes certain that fans get informed of everything happening in the sports world. Besides its in-house created news content, the site features articles from hundreds of leading online media outlets.

In Conclusion

The Oddspedia relaunch lets users enjoy faster live scores, more extensive sports coverage, breaking news, statistics, and real-time updates on match information and betting odds. With many additional features coming underway, the project will commit to its goal to be the ultimate destination for sports fans.

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