Odibets Champions Community Development with CSR Initiative in Nandi County

Odibets showcases its commitment to community upliftment through a CSR initiative at St Joseph Girls National School in Nandi County, providing essential services and resources to enhance living standards.

Odibets, a prominent betting company, has once again showcased its commitment to community upliftment through a notable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. Under the banner of its Odi Mtaani program, the company embarked on a mission to enhance the living standards at St Joseph Girls National School in Chepterit, Nandi County, through the provision of essential services and resources.

Supporting Education and Local Communities

On this occasion, Odibets announced the drilling of a new borehole, alongside the distribution of sanitary towels and assorted foodstuffs to the students and nearby residents. Dedan Mungai, the General Manager at Odibets, articulated the company’s resolution to back communities across Kenya, aligning with the CSR obligations outlined by the government and the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB).

“Our support spans various sectors, including education and commercial ventures, as mandated by BCLB,” – Mungai expressed during the launch.

Gratitude and Recognition

Margaret Koskei, an alumna of St. Joseph Girls School, conveyed her gratitude towards Odibets for the timely borehole project, emphasizing its critical importance amidst the school’s looming water source relocation challenge. The benevolence of Odibets was further acknowledged by the BCLB Chairperson, Rev (DR) Jane Mwikali Makau, who applauded the betting company for its steadfast adherence to CSR guidelines and its role as a model of responsible corporate citizenship.

“Their donation of boreholes to schools exemplifies responsible corporate citizenship,”

– Dr. Makau highlighted, encouraging other betting operators to emulate Odibets’ commitment to social responsibility.

Odibets’ Continuous Impact

The recent CSR initiative in Nandi County is part of Odibets’ broader strategy to foster community development and social impact across Kenya. This effort follows closely on the heels of a significant water project launch in Makueni County, underscoring the company’s ongoing commitment to contributing positively to Kenyan communities. Through such initiatives, Odibets not only fulfills its CSR obligations but also strengthens its bond with the community, setting a precedent for other corporations to follow.

The collective efforts of Odibets under the Odi Mtaani program demonstrate a genuine commitment to making a difference in the lives of Kenyans, particularly those in underserved communities. By prioritizing water access, hygiene, and basic needs, Odibets is playing a crucial role in improving living conditions and supporting the country’s development goals. As the company continues to expand its CSR initiatives, the impact of its actions is expected to resonate well beyond the immediate beneficiaries, contributing to a brighter future for Kenya.

Source: bnnbreaking.com

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