OdiBets Partner with Khaligraph Rap Challenge tag OdiNare

Khaligraph Jones has partnered with one of the leading sports betting companies in Kenya Odibets under the Odimtaani initiative to launch the ‘OdiNare’ rap challenge. The online Khaligraph rap challenge aims to uplift talented rappers struggling to hit that height among the top in the Kenyan music industry.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, Khaligraph Jones went live on Instagram in a lengthy video highlighting the difficulties rappers in the Kenya entertainment industry experience while finding it hard to grow due to different challenges. As a result, he had to organize a rap challenge for rappers in the country. The organizer has pledged a Ksh500 000 cash prize for the best rapper, papa Jones, as he is popularly known also said he would hand out Ksh10,000 daily to various winners and offer a chance for three up.

Coming artists to join his record label, Blu Ink corp, for a one-time record contract. In addition, Khaligraph Jones mentioned that the winner would also have the opportunity to collaborate with him. Heeding Khaligraph Jones’s call, Odibets has moved to boost the rapper’s rap challenge project by offering a Ksh4.5 million cash boost. The winner will walk away with Ksh 1 million, among other prizes for the various participants. Speaking to Journalist during the launch of the rap challenge, Odibets General Manager Dedan Mungi said the betting brand decided to come through for Khaligraph Jones and the whole Kenyan music industry to give back to society and nurturing talent.

“We decided to support Khaligraph and the whole Kenyan music industry as a way of giving back to the society and nuturing untapped talent out there,”

–  said Dedan Mungi as he handed the Ksh4.5 million cheque to Khaligraph Jones.

On his side, Khaligraph Jones said the one-of-a-kind challenge would help tap new talent in the Kenyan music industry.

“The OdiNare challenge is going to be a significant and stars will be made from this platform watch this space and if you are a talented rapper jump onto the bandwagon because you never know, you might be the lucky winner,” – said Khaligraph Jones.

Meanwhile, last month, Odibets unveiled Charles Odongo as its brand ambassador after videos of him went viral after eating ugali, popularly known as the ‘Ugali man.’ The betting firm gave Odongo a Ksh 5 million to boost and a further Ksh9 000 for his cat and a car under its OdiMtaani talent development imitative. In addition, Odibet is a sports betting firm that currently has operations in some notable African countries such as Kenya and Ghana. It is pretty interesting under the Odi Mtaani initiative, and the company has to embark upon numerous projects to support sports development in Kenya, such as Odileague, amongst others. Despite the difficulties most of the sports betting companies in Africa experience. This has not deterred their support towards the corporate social responsibility project despite the suspension of real-life sporting events for most of 2020. As a result of the global Covid-19 virus spread seeing countries imposing all sought restrictions to curb the virus spread.

In contrast gaming community has to recalibrate its offerings and embrace digitalization. Some business is still recovering from the crisis. It is, of course, an approach in the right direction for Odibets brand.

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