Online Betting Platform Pledges To Wage War Against Cybercriminals

An online sports betting platform, SportyBet, has expressed its determination to invest more in artificial intelligence and other relevant technologies so as to identify and help bring cybercriminals to justice.

According to a statement from the company which was made available to the media, SportyBet’s decision to fight against cybercriminals was due to a false and defamatory claim of “unpaid winnings” published by certain media publications without the opportunity for SportyBet to comment and refute this claim.

This specific claim, the statement claimed, related to 42 accounts which it also said were restricted from further activity after having been identified and verified as being simultaneously abusively operated using both technology by an international cybercrime syndicate.

The statement therefore reads in parts:

‘’It is important to note that all 42 accounts are associated with the exact same foreign IP addresses and that the accounts repeatedly attempted to submit similar or identical illegal automated bets with fake odds that were not published by SportyBet.”

SportyBet diligently reported these accounts to the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and there is an ongoing investigation into these accounts and the associated individuals.

As the investigation takes place, it’s evident that the perpetrators are attempting to manipulate the media to orchestrate a smear campaign against SportyBet.

Consequently, SportyBet is considering legal recourse against these malicious actors and any accomplices complicit in tarnishing SportyBet’s hard-earned reputation and goodwill.

“SportyBet intends to implement further measures to fortify its security protocols, deepen existing user verification processes, and deploy cutting-edge technologies to detect and continue to prevent any attempted exploitation of its platform. SportyBet’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its services and safeguarding the interests of its users remains unwavering”.


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