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Online Bingo has been in existence since the very first game got launched as a free game in 1996 and went by the name “Bingo Zone” In 1998, “Uproar” took the market by storm when they introduced Bingo Blitz, one of the most popular online Bingo games.

In Africa, Bingo has been in practice as a charity game especially, in church fundraisers. The gameplay is similar to that of lotteries since Bingo is a type of lottery.


Online Bingo involves the player buying tickets with numbers on them intending to buy the ticket with the right or the winning combination. In the offline Bingo, the winner would have to shout “Bingo” if their card combination gets read, while in online Bingo, the player can choose the auto-daub feature that crosses the numbers on the ticket if the numbers get called. Currently, some softwares sort and highlight the best cards with the highest possibility of winning the cash prizes, usually referred to as “cards closest to Bingo” There are a variety of Bingo games available online to play for real money or for free. One of the most common features on online Bingo platforms is the chat rooms that give the game the community touch similar to the classic Bingo that brought communities together as they raised proceeds for charity.

The layout of a Bingo card

When playing Bingo, whether online or offline, the layout of the card will look the same. The cards have five columns and free space on the blank center. The word “Bingo” on the cards correspond with each column. Each letter then represents a range of numbers illustrated below.
• B represents numbers from 1 to 15
• I cover all the numbers from 16 to 30
• N represents numbers 31 through to 45
• G covers all numbers between 46 and 60
• O includes numbers from 61-75
The winner becomes the first player to complete the number pattern on their card.

Online Bingo Variations for Africa

80 Ball Bingo
80 Ball bingo game is the most modern game different from the other games and a cross-game. Cards in this game have four columns and four rows that give you different ways to win the prize through various number patterns.

90 Ball Bingo
90 Ball Bingo, as the name suggests, has 90 balls, and the card game available online consists of three by nine lines for playing. The game consists of the full house, two-line, and 1 line stages. This variation is also commonly referred to as the United Kingdom Version.

30 Ball Bingo
If you are a Bingo newbie, this is one of the fastest and easiest bingo games to win so, go for it. The cards online consist of three columns and three rows, and for players to win (call Bingo), they need to fill in their cards entirely.

Strategies and Tips for winning online Bingo

• To increase your chances of winning, try playing at your favorite casino when only a few players are online
• Don’t exhaust your finances. Maintaining a good bankroll is possible if you set a limit of the cash you are willing to spend gambling and stick to it.
• Ensure that you only play from safe and reputable online casinos that are licensed. This way, you are sure to receive your payouts.

Best online sits for Bingo for Africa.

Africa is one of the uprising gambling havens. There are inadequate laws with regards to online gambling, which is relatively new compared to land-based gambling. For this reason, there are hundreds of casinos operating sites in Africa, and some are not reputable. We advocated for responsible betting, and this starts with choosing a reputable and safe betting site. Below is a list of some of the most reputable Bingo sites for Africans.

  • Kozmo Bingo
  • William Hill Bingo
  • BingoZino
  • Blighty Bingo

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