Online Casino Tournaments

If you are a casino diehard fan you might already know about this new gaming trend. If you are unfamiliar with online casino tournaments then you need not worry. You are in the right place. In this article, we will be exploring everything you ought to know about casino tournaments so just read on and get informed.

The definition of a casino tournament

A casino tournament involves specific casino games such as slots or a table game such as Roulette or Blackjack. Players partaking in the contest are required to follow set guidelines which could involve a set minimum stake or deposit per round. Each round is made up of several spins after which players take turns. Points accumulated by each player are recorded on a leader board according to the highest rank. To collect more points, the players have to keep playing, hence the more you play, the more your points are. The players with the most points win specified prizes. A contest can have up to 3 winners who are amongst the first three in the ranking.

Why casino tournaments

Online casinos are created to make your gaming experience even more fun. It is more enjoyable to play against a couple of other players and stand a chance to be a champion and win a cash prize. Casinos also hold these tournaments as a strategy to attract players into playing more. Of course, you stand a higher chance of winning the tournament if you play more to accumulate more points. The fact that tournaments are a money-making strategy for casinos shouldn’t stop you from trying. This is because the prizes in store for you are amazing and tempting. Also, you don’t have to spend the most to win, all you need is gather most points using as few rounds as possible. Whether you are a high roller or a low roller, there is something for you.

Types of Tournaments for online casinos

There are two types of online casino tournaments. One involved prizing the player with the highest stake, this is called the high roller tournament. The other one involves prizing the player who won the highest paying combination regardless of their stake size. The latter is known as the highest -equalized win.
In the highest-equalized win tournament, all the player needs are to meet the conditional minimum stake to participate. The points gained depend on the combinations made by the player. The high roller tournament means that the high staker wins regardless of the quality of their combinations. The fact that you can win even when using a minimum stake with the highest-equalized wins makes the latter more popular amongst most African gamblers. This is because many Africans cannot afford to spend so much on gambling but don’t mind trying the tournament prizes.

Prizes for casino tournament winners

As mentioned earlier, casinos normally give prizes to a couple of contesters for any given tournament and not just the top rank. Casinos have lately innovated more creative ways of prizing tournament winners. Some of the prizes that have been given out include a handsome amount of cash for the top position, a holiday getaway, cars, electronic gadgets, VIP tickets, and free spins just to mention a few.

Free casino tournaments

Free tournaments are normally run by casinos intending to sell out a new casino game. In free tournaments, no deposit is required but players are needed to meet the specific conditions set for the tournament.

Best African Online Casinos for Casino tournaments

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4. 22 BET Casino
5. Dafabet Casino
6. Unibet Casino
7. Bwin Casino
8. Unique Casino
9. Vulkan Vegas Casino
10. NetBet Online Casino

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