Online Casino Trends Moving in 2021

The African gambling scene is changing from what looks like brick-and-mortar casinos to online casinos. Over the years, the number of players in offline casinos is decreasing since players have found comfort in online casinos.

Online casinos in 2021 will be the trendsetters in the betting and gambling industry. Here is what to expect from the possible online casino trends moving in 2021.

Increased Mobile Gaming

A huge number of gamblers in Africa own a smartphone. They find it convenient to bet online at their comfort, anytime and anywhere as a result of good internet coverage and the availability of smartphones. Consequently, mobile gambling activities have increased—more bets are placed, and new online casino games are coming into the market.

In the new age of advanced technology, smartphones are replacing computers, therefore, software developers are developing new online casino games to satisfy the growing demand for online casino games, online poker, online slots, and virtual sports. Moreover, developers are creating optimized mobile gaming that is accessed via apps or mobisites.

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

VR is still new in the gaming industry of Africa. It is expected to shape and make changes in 2021. VR enabled casinos are expected to provide the best gaming experience to their new and loyal customers. Gamers will use VR devices to have an experience of what looks like playing real casino games. A good number of casinos might adopt VR gaming in 2021 to attract more gamers. Plus, Virtual Reality aims at improving the quality of the online gaming experience.

Adoption of CryptoCurrencies

The use of cryptocurrencies is a new wave as a means of payment. The traditional-based casinos for a long-time have accepted cash transfers and card payments to access casino services. Not many online casinos have embraced cryptocurrencies like bitcoin but with 2021 there will be a turnaround.
According to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are more efficient than card and money transfers. Players who use crypto as a form of currencies are more advantageous than those who use bank transfers. Cryptocurrencies guarantee transparency in transactions, game plans, and anonymity. Transactions are fast, efficient, and have a low transaction cost compared to banking transactions.


E-sports is one of the online trends moving in 2021. Gamers will continue to enjoy their favorite esports games that are based virtually. They will also have a chance to follow their favorite e-sports tournament and bet virtually on sports events such as tennis, football, and basketball.

E-sports is growing rapidly and by 2021 it will have a wide customer base. Casinos are integrating e-sports into other online products. Casinos are also working with software developers to design new products and existing products that will attract a new clientele base to e-sports.

The Influx of New Sites

The gambling industry looks promising in 2021 due to the integration of offline and online casino games. But online casinos are quickly becoming more popular since players can access games on the go by using their mobile phones.

Industry players are taking advantage of it by creating more online casino games to satisfy the growing demands. They find it easy to establish online casinos offshore where laws are regulated. As a consequence, there will be a huge number of online casino websites and games.
The new players will try to win the market with enticing promotions and bonuses bringing about healthy competition with other online casino firms. As the competition grows, better odds will be available.

Although players are spoilt with a variety of online casino websites and games, due diligence by a player is required to protect his privacy and safety reasons.

Closing Thoughts

Looking at online casino trends moving in 2021, both casinos and players will benefit from the above trends. Casinos will widen their online customer base hence more profit, while players will have more choices, better odds, more variety, and incentives.

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