Online eSports Betting with GGBet: Real Earnings and Fast Payouts!

The key to successful betting in any eSports is a thorough knowledge of the rules and features of the game itself. Those players who are good at conditional Dota 2 or CS: GO themselves will have a better chance of winning. But you can’t do without pre-game analysis – just like in classic sports.

How to Bet on eSports and Win Money Online?

The process of betting on the outcome of an eSports event is no different from soccer or boxing. Before starting, you need to create an account on the bookmaker’s website. If you are looking for a good betting platform, then GGBet is what you need. The bookmaker’s site offers a wide selection of eSports disciplines to bet on. GGBet also has a fairly simple registration procedure, which will allow players to set up an account within minutes.

Topping up the balance on the bookmaker can be done by any of the offered methods. Most often users make deposits from bank cards or electronic wallets. It is also possible to top up cash at terminals or communications lounges. Some bookies accept popular cryptocurrencies. As for GG Bet, such payment methods as Visa, Master Card, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and many others are available.

After depositing, you can go directly to betting. In the eSports line, select the game and tournament you are interested in, and then the score. To add a score to your bet, click odds. If you want to create an express or system, add several results (two or more) to the bet. After entering the amount, confirm the bet.
The probability of winning bets at a bookmaker will always be higher if you use the support of professionals. Experts of video game betting make detailed forecasts of the results of events every day.

Types of Bets

Betting on eSports is clearly different from other sports, such as tennis or soccer, although in many ways it copies the types of bets presented in more popular disciplines. To start winning, you need to fully understand all types of bets.

• Long-term bets. These are bets on the winner not of individual matches, but immediately of the entire tournament. Such bets are most often popular among professional players, as they require a certain level of experience and analysis of events.
• Bets on the outcome of a single match. Players can choose from three options: victory of a specific team, a draw or a loss.
• Handicap. As in other sports, low odds are a big problem in eSports. For example, when a game clearly shows a favorite and an outsider, in such a case, the favorite will have low odds and no one will bet on the outsider. Thus, a match of this kind will not arouse any interest among players. GGBet have found a way to level the odds and increase interest in the match by adding new conditions and details. And this is what handicap betting is all about. They make it possible to conditionally equalize the chances of teams by providing an advantage to both the outsider (the “+” sign) and the favorite (the “-” sign). The handicap itself can be expressed by the number of goals, points, etc.
• Parlay bets. This is another type of betting on events that have low odds. Bookmakers offer players the opportunity to bet on several events simultaneously. The final parlay odds are obtained by multiplying the odds of the individual events, which increases the possible winnings. Such a bet wins if all the events included in the parlay are correctly predicted. If at least one prediction fails, then the bet is considered a loser.
• Special bets. You often see them in classic sports, but they are still rare in e-sports. The fact is that special bets are created for any situation that can only happen. It is quite a risky bet, but this type is always very attractive.

Bet on eSports Tournaments with GGBet

GGBet betting site has many positive features: line width, number of events, fast payouts and high odds and that’s not all. The bookmaker also offers the possibility of betting in live mode, which will greatly increase the probability of winning. Indeed, in this case you will be able to bet online during the event you have chosen.

You can choose different types of eSports bets. There is quite an extensive line for betting. You can choose from the well-known and well-liked games you like best, place your bets and win, having fun and feeling the joy of victory. And this will happen often if you gain experience and knowledge.

The number of possible outcomes of each eSports tournament is also impressive. It’s even more than you can offer. A player can bet on the first blood or sum, on it wins. You can also bet on the first kill and the winner of the round. The bookmaker GG Bet also offers a wide range of bonuses and special offers for players. These can include deposit bonuses, cashback, free bets and many others.

The website also offers customer support around the clock and without interruption. Unlike other bookmakers, GGBet employees do not send customers to study the rules, but independently explain all the questions they are interested in. A live chat answer comes in about 2-3 minutes, and a letter with e-mail instructions arrives in the mailbox within 1-2 hours. When calling the operator, the player must introduce himself, indicate the account number and clearly formulate the question. The employees are knowledgeable and friendly.

If you want to experience all the advantages of eSports betting at GGBet, then go to the bookmaker’s official website and create an account to get access to all available features!

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