Online Gambling Dominates the Ivorian Gaming Industry

Popularly known as Cote d’Ivoire, Ivory Coast is a West African country whose capital city is Abidjan. This country is located along the West African coast and shares its boarders with 6 countries and the Atlantic Ocean. This country has a population of 25 million people as at 2018.

Gambling is legal and well regulated in Ivory Coast. Unlike most African countries where gambling is legal, there is only one land-based casino in Ivory Coast. Originally known as the Hotel Ivoire Casino, the Golden Elephant casino has been in operation since 2007. This gaming establishment has its doors open to foreign visitors exclusively. Ivory Coast is one of the African countries that boasts of a magnificent coastal landscape. Its coastline is one of the major tourist attractions. This means that Casino Golden Elephant is strategically located in Abidjan targeting most of the tourist visiting the various coastal attractions.

Nothing feels better than wrapping up your exploration-filled day with a session of enjoying casino games while trying your luck gambling. You could win a jackpot or real money prizes to fund an extra month of fun and exploration along the Ivorian breathtaking sites.

Golden elephant Casino offers numerous table games and slot for visitors to enjoy. This facility is home to a total of 13 table games. Visitors get to play games such as Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, and videogames. Additionally, there are 4 poker tables for the lovers of Hold ‘em Poker as well as 80 slot machines.

Online Gambling for Ivorian citizens

Nowthatland-based casinos are out of bounds to civilian, online gambling is there to quench your thirst for gambling. You don’t have to worry about getting into trouble with the law. Why? This is because despite lacking proper regulations for online gambling, gaming online is not prohibited and there are numerous offshore gambling sites accepting Ivorian gamblers. Online gambling is available in numerous forms. You can engage in sports betting, lotteries, online casinos and bitcoin gambling. Below is a more detailed explanation about each of these forms available for the Ivorian punters.

Bitcoin Gambling

There area few sports books offering their services to the Ivorian citizens who offer gambler swith the opportunity to make their online gaming transactions using Bitcoins. This is a technology that involves the use of cryptocurrencies. Basically, this technology was introduced in 2008. The popularity of this technology is quitelow in Africa but that does not exclude it as a form of transactions.

Online Casinos

These online casinos offer a wide variety of game that you can play and stand a chance to win real money prizes. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop, and a good internet connection to access your game selection from the casino of your choice. Ivory Coast has the advantage of increased technology penetration as most African countries. These platforms allow you to play on the go while being safe in the confines of your home.

Online Lotteries

LONACI the Nationally Lottery of Cote d’Ivoire offers gamblers with several lottery games. LONACI has a website through which they provide lotto details on games and dinners to the gamblers. The full scope of its operations are however, unclear since online gambling lacks proper guidelines.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is arguably one of the most popular forms of gambling in Ivory Coast. This country is home to some of the most talented international football players such as Yaya Toure, and Didier Drogba. The National football team of the country has also participated thrice in the world cup. For this reasons, football betting has gained popularity amongst Ivorian punters.
There are hundreds of offshore online sportsbooks accepting gamblers from the country. If you are seeking to get started with sports betting, just read through the reviews of various sport books and select a few you can trust and begin your journey.


Ivory Coast is popularly known for football, given that the country has participated many times in the world cup competition. Besides, there are many players in the premier league and other famous international leagues. The country has also won the African Cup of Nations a number of times. This culture has created a population that loves sporting, which is a motivating factor for the online gambling activities.

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