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The Republic of Mali is located in West Africa and hosts a population of around 14 million people. The capital city Bamako is home to 2 million people.

With the mention of Mali, your first thought should be salt mining, although the country also relies on fishing and agriculture as the main economic backbones. The dominant religion is Islam, whose teachings prohibit any kind of gambling. For this reason, this country does not have any gambling providers, whether online or land-based. However, enthusiastic gamers have found peace in the offshore casinos.

Online Casino Gambling

The Malian government has strict policies about gambling. As a result, you cannot find any casino facility in the country. Local online gambling sites are also not present, but you can freely gamble from foreign-based casinos like SkyBet and 22 Bet without the risk of prosecution. At least, there is no reported case yet.
For players who are stuck with betting on external sites, they are treated to exciting bonuses and promotions. There is a variety of companies, meaning that if you are playing from Mali, you can access free play options at our convenience. Good enough, the online casinos offer you the liberty to choose between mobile and live casinos.

How to Deposit Money

Betting is all about luck, and gambling sites in Mali provide you with a perfect opportunity to win huge sums of money and change your life. If luck knocks at your door, you could walk away with a jackpot fortune. Remember that you are eligible for cash prizes if you place bets with real money. Gamers should sit back and enjoy the games because your winnings will be remitted promptly. All the sites guarantee player safety and security.

The most common payment methods are credit cards, including Maestro, Mastercard and Visa. However, you may prefer eWallets because they are very convenient with online sites. For fast and user-friendly experience, Neteller is available for your transactions. If you have a Skrill account, then you are also sorted.

Sports Betting

Despite the religious implications against betting in Mali, sports betting is taking shape in the country. Most players are interested in basketball and football as the leading sports, and there are two reasons for these. First, in 2002, Mali hosted the famous African Cup of Nations football tournament that hyped Malians to begin betting. Secondly, in 2008, the country’s women’s basketball team took part in the Olympics Games. A combination of these events has seen some growth in sports betting in Mali.

Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency being used across several casinos as an alternative method of payment. It was launched in 2008, but it continues to gain popularity across the globe. Given that this is a new system, many countries have not developed laws to regulate its use. Mali is among such countries with no laws on the use of cryptocurrencies, now that there is little interest in improving the betting industry. Players who wish to place bets using bitcoins can do so, as long as the gambling site has that option.

How to Choose the Best Online Casinos in Mali

Unfortunately, Mali does not have a gambling committee to regulate betting activities in the country. So gamers in the country are left to study sites on their own and establish their safety. Remember that the internet hosts some rogue operators who are out to fleece you of your hard-earned cash. Before subscribing to a site, check through the details and ensure that your security is catered.

Some of them include:

  • Available Games and Video Slots
    A credible casino must have a wide selection of games, including popular video slots. Ensure that the games are offered by renowned providers like Playtech, NetEnt, NextGen, Microgaming and IGT. If you cannot find slots from any of the mentioned names, do not dare to play.
  • Payment Methods
    Genuine casinos have invested in partnerships with valid companies that provide payment channels. If a casino has minimal payment instruments that are not familiar to you, there is a reason for doubt. Besides, while depositing, take note of the fees charged. If a casino accepts your full amount into your account, you should decline any further request of deposit. In standard cases, withdrawals take 1 to 7 days for you to receive money. In case you receive an amount immediately you click the withdraw button, stay safe by unsubscribing right away.


There are minimal prospects of Mali growing into a booming gambling industry because of the Islamic teachings that discourage the business. However, you can find a few betting diehards who have kept the industry going.

Foreign-based gambling companies have capitalized on this population to launch their sites. No one knows what the future holds for Mali, but the fact is that Islamic principles will remain. Thus, it is a game of wait and see. For the gambling laws, Mali authorities are still silent, probably because they do not believe that citizens can engage in unlawful activities

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