Online Gambling Sites in Morocco

Morocco seeks to improve its tourism potential by introducing land-based gambling in the country. The country does not have any regulations for the online betting industry, and even the land-based casinos are just starting.

Morocco has faced a lot of challenges trying to implement laws for the free usage of the internet; it is unlikely that they will create any meaningful laws to regulate online gambling. Currently, the country has no clear laws with regard to online gambling.

Brief History of Gambling

The Moroccan gambling market is one of the oldest in Africa. The first casino was established in 1952, just four years after the country acquired its independence. Around 1972, the national government took over supervision of lotteries. After 2002, Morocco embarked on developing brick and mortar casinos to boost the tourism industry. Today, authorities are trying to establish regulations to improve the online betting platform.


Morocco does not have any licensing policy; neither are there any licensing authorities in online gambling. The main focus is on tourism attraction; thus, the country has channelled most of the resources to furnish land-based casinos. However, there are signs that the licensing process could commence soon to make the business legitimate.

Player Protection

Unfortunately, if you choose to gamble online in Morocco, you are not protected by any laws, since the country has not initiated any licensing program. So it is upon you to be selective about the sites you play. Although the timelines are not very clear, Morocco intends to safeguard its citizens and protect its market share. The government is committed to building an income base for players, so player protection is one of its priorities in the near future.

Online Sites

Despite the lack of proper laws to govern online gambling, the Moroccan government has allowed foreign-based companies to provide the services. Players are treated to lucrative bonuses and jackpots. Some of the online sites include 22BET Sportsbook, Betway Sportsbook, Megapari Casino, Unibet, among others.

Currency and Payment Methods

The official currency in Morocco is the Dirham, and bettors across the country are allowed to use it to make deposits. If you want to place bets through an online gambling site, you have several options. Most players prefer prepaid cards, including Mint, Ticket Surf, NeoSurf, and OneCard. However, major credit cards are the most widely used in the country. Remember that some of the sites accept eWallets like EntroPay, Neteller and Skrill. Before you choose where to play, ensure that the payment options available are convenient for you.

Online Bingo and Poker

Morocco has little regulations concerning poker and bingo. Players who are enthusiastic about these games can savour their moments from any other foreign site offering them. However, remember to check that the sites are licensed.

Final Word

Online gambling has very high prospects in Morocco because the government has outlined policies that will improve operations. If you are a player in the country, brace up for more action because the online gaming sites will soon be regulated. For now, enjoy the services of foreign companies.

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