Operators are adopting big data in Africa

Big Data is a term that has been around for some time now but there is still confusion about what it actually is. The concept is continuing to evolve and to be reconsidered, as it remains the driving force behind many ongoing waves of digital transformation, including artificial intelligence, data science and the internet of things (IoT).

Furthermore, Big Data it all starts with the exponential explosion in the amount of data we have generated since the dawn of digital age. While this largely due to the rise of computers, the internet and technology capable of capturing information from the real, physical world we live in, and converting it to digital age.

A very good example of how Big Data generate data whenever we go online with our smartphones or computers and when we communicate with our friends through social media, chat applications, place bets online and when we shop online, that moments you could say we leave a digital footprints with everything we do that involves a digital transaction, which is almost everything on top of this, the amount of machine generated data is rapidly growing too.

However, Big Data plays a big role in online gaming. Generating over $40.6 billion in global revenue last year on mobile device alone, online gambling is set to boom in the next five years compare to the retail gambling markets. One of the biggest reasons for rapid increase of Big Data adoption in online gaming, it gives punters an improved customers experience although, bettors leave a massive data trail when they place bets online, this data is created in different format.

For instance Big Data can provide insight on punters behaviors based on trails of what he or she has done in the past with an improved customers experience including the kind of betting options he likes, how much he spends, and Big Data tailored customers experience and keep him hooked based on what the punters likes and provide insight of top picks of other bettors.

Another example is punters gaming profile is linked to social networks or punters is asked to enter demographical data, the information can be enriched with what the punter likes in real life and bookmakers can adapt the punter in real life to the profile of the bettors.

However, Big Data is for Africa, operators must take full advantage of digital age, however, with the ever changing conventional way Africans are confined to place bets in shops, kiosk, and bricks-mortar this is slowly experiencing transition from retail to online and mobile betting in Africa and that is coupled with infrastructural developments affordable internet and affordable smartphone, while 5G is expected to lunch by 2021 and while rate of internet users account for 525 million people in 2019 representing 11.9% of global internet users.

For example one of the giant operators that has taking full advantage of this technology is Parimatch Africa in Tanzania recently signed an agreement with player engagement platform the operator identify Fast Track CRM as its partner due to it being built specifically for the Igaming sector, which allow operators to coordinate all aspects of player engagement from one Place using real-time data. This move will allow the operator the opportunity to analyze customer’s behavior based on the trails of Data punters likes and to keep him hooked on the platform so it doesn’t look boring for customers.

Written by Adeleye Awakan
Associate/Editor www.gbc.ng Africa’s leading digital gaming magazine. For consultant on gaming in Africa, Marketing, PR, Advertising, and Thoughtful leadership article contact: [email protected]

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