Parliament wants betting activities regulated in Kenya

Parliament has on Wednesday morning resolved to introduce a bill which if approved will replace the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act in a bid to regulate betting and gambling activities in the country.

Speaking on the floor of the house while submitting a motion regarding Regulation of the Betting Industry in Kenya, Nyeri Town MP Duncan Mathenge emphasised on the need to control the practise in an effort aimed at containing the youth from rampant and irresponsible involvement in the activity.

“I want to thank members for their robust and insightful contribution to this matter and it’s true society must be more central in the new dispensation in as far as controlling betting is concerned. In 2017 Geopoll survey youth between the age of 18-35,Kenya had the highest number of betting young people compared to Uganda,Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa and because of this we’re destroying an entire generation because of desperation for money, unemployment rate, constant announcements,the thrill of gambling, media advertising and celebration of winners. ” – he said

“Gambling losses lead to severe debts, anxiety, depression and listing on CRB hence the vice should be listed among the social ills just like rampant corruption, irresponsible sex,alcoholism, drug abuse among others.Media Council of Kenya which has constitutional mandate to set standards and promote ethical profesional information dissemination acknowledges that gambling has been promoted by some of the local media houses and this state of affairs shouldn’t continue as this fuels further the practice to spread.As a result the media should be open to scrutiny and accountability in a bid to tame their agenda of advocating for this insanity ” – added the lawyer

Last month,the government revealed it will slash a chunk of the billions staked every year from punters and channel them into a compulsory Hustler Fund-style savings kitty promoted by President William Ruto’s administration as a way of developing a savings culture among Kenyans.

The Bill, which targets the millions of Kenyans who bet every year, is the latest tool by the Ruto administration to enforce savings in the informal sector after the Hustler Fund, which has so far collected more than Sh1 billion.

“A player in the online gambling activity shall not bet an amount less than twenty shillings in a competition. The minimum amount shall be inclusive of such saving component for the player as shall be determined by the Authority in consultation with the Cabinet Secretary,”

– says the draft Gambling Control Bill.

Mathenge, an ardent sports supporter said earlier this year that he will work with relevant stakeholders in promoting the game in his constituency and Nyeri county at large.

“As leaders we will work hand in hand with institutions to revive this game, in the eighties Nyeri was regarded as the cradle of this game indeed all prayers in the national team were from this region, we have to go back there,”

– affirmed the lawmaker while watching the inaugural technical college volleyball tournament organized by Nyeri National Polytechnic in Nyeri county

In September last year,the head of state noted online betting companies are currently operating in a space that is opaque and asked the CBK governor to moderate the companies so that they can also pay taxes.

“I am happy that the governor is bringing our online betting companies into the regulation space because we also want them to pay taxes. They are operating in an opaque space.” – President Ruto indicated.


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