Paying tithe from sports betting is bribe before God — Bamiloye

Popular Nigerian televangelist, Mike Bamiloye has warned Christians who pay their tithe and offering with money won from sports betting to desist from the act.

In an Instagram post on Thursday, the popular evangelist, who is the founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministry International, wondered why Christians who bet think they can appease God with “bribe”.

“Bros, You played sport Betting and won and brought the Tithe and Offering to the Lord’s House, to win the Lord to your side. You think you would Blindfold Him and appease Him with a Bribe?” – Bamiloye wrote.

Bamiloye has made the headlines on numerous occasions for his comments on societal issues often interpreted from a religious perspective. In 2020, he had urged single people to exercise patience when searching for partners to avoid making a mistake. During Valentine’s Day celebration in 2021, the cleric and actor had also stated that any sex act done outside marriage is a conscious blood covenant with the devil.

“Any sexual act today outside marriage is a conscious blood covenant with the devil. Any sexual act today outside of a wedlock is a delibrate stubbornness to trade your destinies on the bed of lust and immortality,” – he wrote.

For their devil master and make them weapons of mass destructions of Homes and marriages. Many ladies would arise from the lustful bed of roses, possessed with strange hardened heart against God and parents.

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