Pietermaritzburg teenagers to represent SA in World Blackball Championships

Two of Pietermaritzburg’s own, Nikhil “Sharky” Bramdow (15) and Treylin Chetty (17), have excelled in the National Blackball Trials held recently at the Suncoast Casino, securing first and ninth places respectively.

They will now represent South Africa at the World Blackball Championships in England. Both players started playing pool at the young age of eight.

Over the past weekend, they earned places in the U18 and U23 South African Blackball teams. The upcoming 2024 World Blackball Championships will see competitors from every continent, participate, according to the online site Blackball Europe.

Treylin, a Grade 12 pupil at Carter High School, said that his initial encounter with pool was at eight years old.

“My mother bought my brother and me a pool table so we wouldn’t have to go out to pubs to play,” – he said.

He credited his brother, Caylin Chetty, for introducing him to the sport.

“Since then, I began playing in the league at 14 and competed at nationals by 15. At 16, I competed in the Blackball SA KZN Trials where I finished first in my division,” – he said.

This year, he ranked third in the KZN trials and ninth in the National trials.

“My achievements would not have been possible without the support of my parents and my brother,” – he remarked.

Nikhil, a Grade 10 pupil at Raisethorpe Secondary School, said his father was his inspiration to start playing pool after watching him at a local pub at seven years old.

“He taught me about cue action and how to stand. I also learnt a lot by observing others play and practising,” – he said.

Nikhil said that it took him about eight years to master the game. He won his first competition at 12.

“For my future goals, I would like to become the South African Blackball Champion” – says Nikhil.

He thanked his father for introducing him to the sport and Caylin Chetty for providing transport. Both boys expressed their gratitude to Neville Moodley, owner of The Duzi Pub and Restaurant, for allowing them to practice daily at his venue.

Source: witness.co.za

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