Popular betting markets: everything you should know

Did you know that sports betting is not limited to simply placing money on your favorite sports? If you are a beginner in the industry, then you are definitely familiar with terms like “single” bet and don’t focus on other options.

That’s why Betting Kenya and our team decided to make things clear today and enlighten you with a variety of betting markets that will totally transform your experience. Many bettors already know that picking profitable markets is often the key to successful betting, which is why we recommend you take some time and study this subject. Let’s go!

What Are Betting Markets?

Basically, betting markets are tools that permit bettors to predict the outcome of the matches they are betting on more accurately and place their bets in a more profitable way.

Betting markets are all different; while some focus on the final outcome of a game, others may focus on specific teams or players. Every category of the market is related to a precise number of odds, which makes every type very different and interesting. Bettors adore using betting markets regularly to diversify their experience and have the possibility to choose on which concrete outcome they’re placing their bets.

Every betting market is related to a precise betting strategy that bettors use in given situations, which allows them to have a more accurate representation of what the outcome of their bet will be.

1. Over/Under

Over/Under is, without a doubt very popular. When betting Over/Under, you basically bet on whether a specific variable for a game will be higher or lower than another. Using this market, you are not betting on a precise outcome or a precise team; you simply predict the statistics of a game without focusing on any precise players. Besides, you have the possibility to bet on full-game, half, and quarter totals, which is really interesting and diverse.

Usually, bettors go for this market using free bets since, even though it is really intriguing and profitable, it is still very risky. Many punters also call this bet “total” since your goal here is to guess the total score of a match and affirm if it will be lower or higher than a given value.

Experts say that Over/Under is great for beginners because you get to feel the whole game with all its little details and aspects. However, our team still considers this type more of a risky one since there are lots of safer markets out there.

2. 1X2

If you love sports where there is the possibility of a draw, then this betting market is surely for you. 1X2 is an incredibly popular and easy way to bet on sports and make a great profit out of it. When choosing this market, you basically have to bet either on a home win, which is represented by the 1, on a draw, which is the X, or an away win, which is the 2.

Kenyan bettors adore this market for being extremely simple to understand and really interesting since you have the possibility to pick from three different variations to diversify your bet. Besides, calculating your potential payout while using 1X2 is super easy and doesn’t require any specific skills; all you have to do is multiply your bet by the odds.

Since this type of betting is mainly available on sports with draws, here is the list of the best sports to use 1X2 on.

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Baseball

However, 1X2 is not fully advantageous since it really depends on external factors such as results changing during extra time or incidents happening during the match like players missing or injuries.

3. Correct Score

Speaking of simplicity, here is one of the most simple betting markets out there. A correct Score basically means that you are betting on the final outcome of a match by predicting the exact final score.

However, everything is not as simple as it seems since this bet is really risky, and the odds thereafter are really high. Correct score is very popular because it allows bettors to win great money, but it is still very tricky and could be a huge danger if you are not skilled enough. Using this market, you have the possibility to bet on a set, the first or second half, or choose to bet on the full game, which makes it a little less perilous, but still.

The Correct Score market is actively used during football events and championships since most bettors are familiar with the teams and their strategies. If you look forward to using this type of betting, we recommend placing bets on something you have confidence in and the right amount of knowledge about.

4. Double Chance

This betting market will permit you to make your betting experience safer and avoid risking your betting decisions. Betting Double Chance means having three different options, you either bet on the home team to win the match or draw, the away team to win the match or draw, or simply the home or away team to win. If you can’t decide who you wish to bet on, then this bet is definitely for you since you have the opportunity to pick both teams if you are sure that there will be no draw and either of them will win for sure.

Experts consider this option to be the most user-friendly and safe one since bettors have the chance to secure their bets by betting on both teams and have higher chances of winning. Besides, this option is one of the most convenient betting markets for beginners.


Betting markets are surely very interesting since they permit bettors to diversify their experience and profit from higher chances of winning. However, not all of these markets are safe, and some of them require specific knowledge to avoid an inconvenient situations. Among the markets we reviewed, we consider Correct Score to be the most unsafe one out there because of the high odds and incredible precision that the bettor should have in order to win. The safest one is Double Chance because of how user-friendly it is and because it permits bettors to hesitate.

All betting markets are profitable; it all depends on your personal knowledge, skills, and preferences, so pick the one that suits you most and enjoy your journey!

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