Popular Betting strategies amongst Africans

Winning or losing money is just an outcome of the decisions made by punters. The difference between successful punters and those who lose with every game is the strategies employed.

Any professional punter will tell you that they don’t just pick anything thrown to them by betting sites. In as much as gambling is a form of entertainment, it is also a source of income to the bookmakers. This is where your betting skills come in handy. You dint have to rely on the odds provided in your betting sites. All you need to do is analyze the matches properly and make a well-informed decision.

A strategy can simply be called a betting formula. Most of the strategies that I shall talk about in this article have been found to yield the most amazing results. If you are a beginner, this article will arm you for better days, and for legends, we hope to keep perfecting your betting skills. If you are wondering why strategies are important, read on and find out.

Importance of Betting Strategies

They are a road map to success

Any successful punter will not just rely on any suggestions thrown at them. This is because some of the odds given by bookmakers do not always represent the results anticipated of a match. Having a strategy is even more important since sports are very unpredictable and only a well-planned move can make you a winner. Strategies are worth investing your time to understand how they affect the result. Inevitably, most Africans treat gambling as a side job, therefore, they hope to make good money out of it. If this is you, then this article is for you. Strategies are your business plan in this case.

They customized

In this case, various strategies are different and employ different models in betting. In the list of strategies provided below, you can find a simple strategy and even better, one that suits your betting skills, budget, and the maximum stake you can afford to risk. For those who treat gambling as a business, strategies are a way of identifying your selling point to distinguish yourself from other punters. Bookmakers incorporate various models in their predictions and having your model to winning can help you make good profit from gambling in the long run.

Popular Betting strategies in Africa

Sure bets
This strategy is my favorite. As the name suggests, this strategy brings winnings through placing a combination of various single bets under different bookmakers. The secret in making a winning bet is to find lucrative quotas different bookmakers are offering and calculating whether the bets are sure bets as they claim.

Double Chance Bets

This strategy offers punters a double chance of winning. This is especially important for risk aversion. Usually, you bet if either of the two events is the outcome. By doing so, your chances of winning are enhanced by 33%

System Bets

Also known as Yankee bets, these are a much interesting way to place risky bets. Similarly to multi-bets, it involves making multiple selections. The best part is that you can still win even if you lose some of the selections.

Last- Minute goal

This is the one strategy that has become even more popular recently especially with live streaming sports. Indeed it an attractive strategy of betting on live matches that allow in-play betting as the match is ongoing. As the name suggests, you can place your bet just before the match concludes and stand to win good money. Even better, you get to place your bet depending on the real results and not just predictions.


This strategy involves placing bets on various single bets. This kind of bet is more profitable and interesting with football than other sports. The chances of losing in this bet keep increasing with every added leg. Also, should all your predictions win, you stand a chance of making really good money.

Most African punters are more attracted to football betting. For this reason, we have focused on the strategies that reap better profits in football betting. For you to develop even better skills, make sure you adequately research on all betting strategies available. This will increase your chances of winning.


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