Popular betting terms used by Africa’s online betting sites

The online betting and gambling market is gaining acceptance throughout the African countries. There is a growing new entrant of both punters and online betting sites but the former is rising at a faster rate than the latter.

It might be challenging for new punters to understand the terms or phrases used, thus, this article will help explain some of the popular betting phrases used by Africa betting sites.

Here are some of the popular phrases that are explained that will assist you to navigate through the muddy waters of sports betting.

Welcome bonus
Almost every betting site has this enticing offer when you visit their site. You can claim your welcome bonus once you open an account with the betting company or make your first deposit. A welcome bonus is also known as a sign-up offer. Some betting company policies dictate that a bettor has to either deposit funds or make a bet first before they release the welcome bonus.

Before deciding on a betting site, select the ones that have the matches you have interest in and the odds for the sports. If you want to know which online betting sites have the best odds, the key is to compare different betting markets and games for a particular match you are interested in.

Live betting
Live betting refers to live streaming, live stats and live odds. Most betting sites have this popular feature that contains more than enough options such as the next goal, next yellow card, available leagues, to mention a few.

Cash Out
Cash out lets you withdraw your money before the game ends. You can withdraw some of your winnings before game over, known as partial cash out. Or withdraw the whole bet winnings. It acts as insurance if anything goes wrong before the game ends.

Deposit method
It is one of the requirements of a betting site. Deposit methods are a must, and betting sites have different methods that let you deposit money into your betting account. You can deposit through credit cards, debit cards, 1Vouchers, and bank transfers, to mention a few. Choose a deposit method that suits you.

A bookmarker refers to a licensed individual who posts betting odds and accepts bets. Selecting the right online bookmaker is the first step and essential for every online bettor. They are also known as book, bookie, sportsbook or linemaker.

Closing line
Some odds are posted before the game, some in the middle of the game, and the rest at the end of the game. In this case, the odds posted before the start of a game will mark as final odds thus referred to as a closing line. The closing line is also known as closing odds.

It refers to the action where a bettor places a bet on any game offered at a casino, betting shops, or racebook. It also refers to the amount of money risked on a wager. It is sometimes known as a bet.

First Half bet
It is when a punter places a wager/bet on the first half of the game. The punter is only interested in the outcome of the first half but not the outcome of the game. The punter expects his wins after the first half.

Asian handicap betting
It is another way of betting football when the opposing team is ‘handicapped’—when it is the favorite and expected to win. Asian betting does not offer a tie or draw offer. It is either wins or loses.

A stake refers to the amount of money a punter has placed to secure a win.

It is a reward a punter gets after a win. Often, the payout contains the original stake.

Multiple bets
It is when a bettor places more than one bet on a ticket, each side must win to win the bet.

Whether you are new to sports betting or want to learn some sport betting terms—the article has made it easy for you.

If you are looking forward to a fruitful gaming experience, you must take note of the above terms which will guide you especially for starters. Experienced players must also revise the terminologies just to ensure that their skills remain polished.

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