Proliferation of gambling centres in Gambia!

Gambling is becoming a fast-rising enterprise for many of the youth in The Gambia these days. Walking through the streets, one would observe that the number of gambling and betting chaos have proliferated beyond imagination.

With surge in gambling technology and the expansion of the gambling industry, more and more youth are into the betting game than ever before.

The sporting game, which is strongly considered to be an ‘ungodly vices’ by major religions of the country, is now generating a lot of attention and authorities are doing less to stop it.

In as much as democracy guarantees the right of every person in the country, but we should always advocate and promote positive social values to maintain our integrity. We all have a duty to safeguard and promote the public welfare of our citizens.

It could be recalled that the former government took a bold decision to ban all gambling services and establishments, including lotteries and casinos.

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This was based on the act that The Gambian society is built on the foundations of promoting positive social values like thrift and integrity rather than negative ones like greed and avarice. It further went on to state that, therefore, it is the duty of the Gambia Government to safeguard and promote the public welfare of our citizens.

The sporting game has the tendency to render many youth lazy especially those who are addicted to it. Considering the precious time spent by youth in these casinos could have been utilised in something gainful and rewarding.

Beside, Gambling is also contributing to surge in crime rate in the country. As a religious country, the two main religions in the country (Islam and Christianity) both strongly and explicitly strictly forbid adherents from engaging in gambling.

Therefore, the venture is an unethical and exploitative business that continues to exploit the country’s youthful population.

Let’s bear in mind that the category of people that inundate this local casinos are youth. Youths have a critical role to play as far as national development is concern. We cannot sit and see the country’ youth idle and venture into something that would have a devastating effects on their welfare.

What is even worrying is that school children as young as eight years of age lining at kiosks during school hours and spending their ‘lunch money’ on purchasing sports betting tickets. Also, families often go hungry because household incomes are wagered in gambling dens.

As Gambians we have a great duty to contribute to the development of this country. No one will come from outside to develop it for us. We have a duty that we must fulfill.

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