Punters reaction to coronavirus over sports ban

As coronavirus spreads across the globe, the world is currently experiencing one of the worst time in the history of humanity perhaps this virus has alt all significant events across the globe, and some countries had to shut down its economy, the virus was declared a pandemic by (WHO).

Importantly the sports industry is the most hit, forcing the NHL, NBA and major football competitions and European leagues to postpone all football-related activities. The spread of the virus has had a significant blow to the sports betting markets. Especially in Africa, football has become a culture for the African people even to the extent that some punters take football betting as they everyday job routine.

However, despite having limited sports to bet on, relatively African players have no other options to consolidate to other betting markets. Some of which include virtual football betting, zoom soccer, dog race, lotto game, a poker game and online casinos. Perhaps according to reports over the weekend, significant bookmakers in the retail segment reported that punters are leveraging on other gambling segments, rather than having a boring weekend as football-related activities are not in action over the weekend.

Even though football betting is the most preferred choice of gambling in Africa, these were possible because Africa still has a relatively low number of coronavirus cases. Perhaps, stood at more than 100 confirmed cases in 22 countries in the continent Egypt remains the nation with the most reported cases with 59 more than half of all confirmed cases in the continent. In contrast, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Gabon and Ghana have all reported the case of the coronavirus.

Despite the circumstances of the virus, there hasn’t been any lockdown of movement in Africa, unlike other most hit countries across the globe. However, it was reported that there were drop in market sales over the weekend as major retail outlets were a bit scanty, unlike the normal weekend football activities. However, pending until all activities come back to normal across the globe, the gambling sales revenue in Africa is expected to drop over this period as betting on football is the most popular in the continent.

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