Quarantine Leads to the Popularity Growth of Online Casinos

An increasing number of online casino ads can be seen in Switzerland. The experts believe however, that those problematic players shall not be exploited by using the satiation with COVID-19 pandemic. If they are going to be exploited this way, it would lead to increased risks.

This started as a hidden but apparently important topic for China, now, however, this is a topic for the entire world. Coronavirus has influenced the way we live our daily lives. The drawbacks can be observed in the casino industry, as well. Disruptions though will become a new normality, even though nobody was ready for it.

All the gamblers around the world found themselves unable to go to a casino. Thus, they are migrating to online casinos. It happens because due to coronavirus, all the big gatherings are forbidden.

The same is happening in Switzerland. The providers are well aware that this is the best time to invest in advertisement. The results of those advertisements online are seen everywhere, whether on TV, or in a newsletter, or at a train station.

People suffering from addiction are exposed to higher risks. It happens because they are isolated and don’t have social contacts. The access to healthcare services is bad, and the everyday life has changed completely. Therefore, such people shall be very careful if they want to avoid this problem because during the coronavirus-crisis, they are under an additional stress.

It is not a coincidence that the advertisements and emails to the clients of online casinos are more frequent. They offer free bets for casinos and roulette. These options have a much higher addiction rate than sports betting, for example.

The vast majority of gambling now is performed online. There is no fear that the websites will close. However, what will people bet with if they run out of money? Well, one can always bet with something. There are always Live sports available. They are open day and night, and even during the global pandemic, one can always place a bet of a couple of pounds there. People who are already in a disadvantageous position can get into even a worse situation.

Responsible Approach Could Reduce the Risk

There are a lot of opportunities to play your favorite online casino games. The time came when the excitement from gambling can mitigate the stress. It is known already that online casinos offer some benefits in comparison to land-based casinos. You can get access to them round the clock, just like it is the case with Online-Casino wie SwissCasinoHEX.com. It absolutely doesn’t matter where you are located. It is not important whether you are playing on your mobile device or you are lazing with your lap or tablet on the sofa or even in bed. You will not experience a single problem with accessing your online casino. This is a huge advantage now, during the times of Coronavirus crisis.

A responsible approach to gambling is decisive in this special situation to keep the industry and its clients healthy. Those clients who gamble more and play new games with higher sums shall be carefully managed and treated. Very frequently, gambling services shall be denied to such clients.

Online gambling can lead to different addiction forms, and this shall be controlled now. Online providers shall not enrich themselves with the money of addicted people. It is especially important for support establishments to keep their doors open in case an addicted person needs help. In the situations of a crisis, such as emotional stress, insecurity, people are attracted by gambling. It helps them to escape reality.

Gambling can be also one of the reactions on packages that people get as one-time help. It can also stimulate a wish to gamble. There are different reactions to both positive and negative times. By some people, these situations can lead to increased gambling activities. On the other hand, this pandemic can make people think about the reasons to gamble and those effects that gambling can have in their lives.

Support services for problematic gamblers, including consulting over the phone and video, are expecting demand increase within the next few weeks.

Source: europeangaming.eu

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