Report Highlights Growth Potential Of African Gaming Market

The report represents the combined efforts of two organizations, Geopoll and PAGG, working together to collect and quantify insights from players across the African continent.

Geopoll and the Pan Africa Gaming Group (PAGG) have revealed findings from the most extensive player-focused research report to date from the African gaming industry. The report, surveyed over 2,500 game players from Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa, shedding light on African player interests and behaviors.

A recent macro view report published by NewZoo forecasts the African Gaming Industry will exceed $1 Billion for the first time in 2024. Combined with the on-the-ground substantiated consumer insights from this latest Geopoll / PAGG report and the case for gaming in Africa becomes clear.

The report represents the combined efforts of two organizations, Geopoll and PAGG, working together to collect and quantify insights from players across the African continent.

GeoPoll is the leading mobile-based research agency in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Utilizing a unique platform that supports multiple mobile modes, GeoPoll supports decision-making for brands, development organizations, agencies, and media through its database of over 300 million respondents in over 120 countries.

Pan Africa Gaming Group (PAGG) is the largest network of independent game development studios across the continent, leading the charge in creating content that resonates with Africa’s 1 billion youth.

The report unveils compelling insights, including that 92 per cent of gamers surveyed play on mobile devices, 32 per cent engage in gaming for three or more hours daily, and 62 per cent have bought games in the past, or made in-game purchases.

The report also explores player perspectives on topics such as: female character representation in games, the importance of locally relevant games, and African player attitudes towards violence in games.

Commenting about the report, John Murunga, GeoPoll’s Regional Director for Africa said,

“In our groundbreaking ‘Gaming in Africa Survey’ conducted across Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, we’ve uncovered fascinating trends that highlight the rapid growth and unique dynamics of the gaming sector on the continent. Our extensive research, engaging over 2,500 respondents, showcases the significant role of mobile gaming, driven by high smartphone penetration and the digital savvy of the African youth. The insights from this survey not only emphasize the widespread appeal of gaming as a form of entertainment but also sheds light on the potential for gaming to become a powerful medium for cultural expression and community building in Africa.”

Why Gaming in Africa Matters

With Africa positioned as the fastest-growing global market in the gaming industry, the continent already boasts more internet-connected smartphones than the USA, Canada, and Mexico combined. Supported by the world’s largest population of digital-native youth and a rapidly expanding middle class, Africa is on the brink of transforming the global gaming landscape.

Jay Shapiro, Chairperson of PAGG emphasizes the importance of this data:

“The potential for growth in the African Gaming industry is undeniable. However, securing the investments required to achieve that growth, in the absence of solid market data, is rightly a struggle. This report shows the true potential of the continent’s billion youth to find, play, and purchase locally relevant games.”


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