Reps to organise public hearing on age limit for betting

The House of Representatives Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs has agreed to hold a public hearing on age limit for betting in Nigeria.

The resolution was arrived at as a result of the danger and abuse of the teenagers engaged in betting shops in order to sustain themselves.

The chairman of the committee representing Orlu/Orsu and Oru-East Federal Constituency of Imo state, Hon. High Chief Canice Moore Chukwudozie Nwachukwu, said the resolution was based on inherent danger associated with underage betting.

He said the public hearing will allow both the stakeholders, youth and players to examine the abuses of betting shops, while saying the people have the right to engage in betting because it has advantages and disadvantages.

Hon. Canice opposed any harsh decision taken to disengage the youth from the game, saying Nigeria is not a totalitarian state that will use cohesion or force to achieve result.

Hon. Canice further said:

“Let us do the right thing for our people and the youth so that they will be happy with us.”

He said the youth and of course a lot of people are making a living from betting but there must be laws guiding it.

He said the decision was made to revisit the bill that was not assented to by former President Muhammadu Buhari in the 9th Assembly.


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