Resumption of Tanzanian Football Premier League

One of the major things that gamblers are awaiting is the resumption of league football, and Tanzanians are some of the few people who received some good news during these difficult times.

According to a press briefing by President John Magufuli earlier in the month, resumption of the football league is one of the priorities of the government, considering that many football fans are missing a source of entertainment that they can watch from the comfort of their homes. The country’s football league was suspended earlier in March by nation’s football governing body, the Tanzania Football Federation.

Speaking on the Sunday 17th of May 2020, President Magufuli did not indicate the exact dates when football would recontinue, but hinted at the fact that it could be at the start of June, since the country has managed to contain its coronavirus cases, with less than 500 active cases and more than 100 people recovering from the same.

“In the coming days, I am also thinking of allowing the league to resume and go on so that people can start watching teams play,” said President Magufuli.

Besides that, the intention is to also allow people to do more exercises as a way of also staying healthy during these times of the pandemic. He acknowledged the fact that there are many people affected, but was optimistic that staying fit through exercising would be a huge boost against the disease, citing that no athlete had been recorded as contracting the virus.

Logistical Measures

From the reiterations of the president, the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) and the Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) are preparing their internal logistics that would aid in the resumption of all football leagues in the country. According to an earlier statement from the Media Information Officer of the federation, the move came about as a result of the sentiments of the president regarding the possibility of allowing local football leagues to resume. The structures in plan will be totally dependent on the guidelines from the government.

From a meeting with the respective stakeholders from the two bodies, one of the resolutions made was that upon resumption, matches would be played in empty stadiums as there would be no fans. Besides that, the home and away system would be used as usual, setting aside earlier allegations that resumption of the league would see matches being played in neutral grounds. However, the federation admitted to the fact that with proper guidelines, fans may be allowed to attend live matches, but that was a discussion set for a later date.

Before the suspension of the football league, Simba SC was at the top of the table in the league with 71 points, 17 points ahead of second placed Yanga FC in second, while Azam FC was in third place.

What this Means to Betting Companies

The resumption of football is not only exciting news to players and fans, but also betting companies that have relied so much on football betting. The cessation of the local football league saw a reduction in the number of people visiting betting sites. It could also be understood that the cancellation of other football leagues also contributed a lot towards this scenario in the country.

Betting on football is the most famous in Tanzania, and the local league is one of the most popular among many Tanzanians. The fact that the league was cancelled meant a reduction in the betting mood in the country, as many have found less purpose in engaging in the activity. While there are several local betting sites, the most popular ones are internationally acclaimed, including 1XBet, Bet365, 888Sport, among other sites.

The resumption of betting activities may also anchor well economically as it would help provide avenues for many people to make an income, especially those who worked in betting booths located all over the country. Besides that, betting enthusiasts would also get another chance of making extra money, as opposed to finding other illegal ways of making cash.

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