Revolution in the gambling world and the rise of mobile betting

55% of online bettors use mobile devices, which is rising. In some regions, only mobile betting is available. So betting companies must provide mobile friendly apps and websites.

Taking Kenya as an example, 88% of bettors and casino players use mobile phones. And in Europe, smartphone and tablet mobile betting is booming. As of 2019, mobile betting reached 44.6% of the market and is expected to grow to 61.5% by 2026.

Statistically, men and women bet online at similar rates, 56% for men and 44% for women. In fact, female bettors use mobile devices more often than men. Women account for 55% of mobile bets.

Seeing how apps are becoming increasingly popular in the iGaming industry, operators need to provide their players with both betting websites and efficient apps to assist them in their day-to-day betting and gaming activities. Here are some of the benefits of the applications:

Benefits for players

● Convenient accessibility
An internet connection is all players need to place bets.

● Using less data
Mobile apps consume less data than websites; therefore, they’re preferable in unstable internet locations.

● Optimisation
Mobile apps utilise the local storage on the device to load user data quickly.

● User-friendliness
The application facilitates seamless navigation.

● A secure environment
Two-factor authentication is available to Uplatform app users.

Benefits for the operators

● Safe and secure

Operators and players both benefit from mobile applications being less prone to cyberattacks.

● Regional benefits
Many households in Latam or Africa lack PCs, making smartphones the primary means of accessing the internet.

● Enhancing retention
Apps enable players to receive notifications even when they’re not betting, which results in a higher retention rate, thus keeping players focused on the most important task, betting.

● Reputable and relevant
Mobile apps also increase brands’ trustworthiness, reliability, and stability, so players are more likely to choose brands that offer them.

● Broader player coverage
To encourage registration and betting, multiple options should be provided.

● Improved live betting
Players are increasingly relying on mobile apps to increase live betting.

There is no debate that mobile betting is the future of iGaming. People carry their phones with them everywhere, and the full service platform provided by Uplatform meets all market and player demands.

Uplatform offers full and light versions of betting websites and quick, versatile, secure, and user-friendly applications that meet iGaming industry demands.


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