Rwanda- Fully Reopen its Tourism sector

Rwanda has officially reopened for tourism allowing tourists from all countries to visit, Rwanda a gorgeous country located in east-central Africa, has seen an increase in international tourism over the past few years, up to about 15% of the country’s total GDP.

The government business owners, such as the casino operators, have expressed how crucial tourism is to the nation and its businesses. Hotels, restaurants, shops, tour operators, and many other companies have all reopened in Rwanda. Tourism generated $88.3 million directly to the country’s GDP in 2018 only. Famous parks such as Volcanos, National Park, Nyungwe National Park, and Akagera National Park have reopened. Therefore, the testament to the booming tourism in Rwanda over the years is attributed to government policies and strategy. It had embarked on over the years, such as when the Rwanda government signed a partnership deal with the English football club Arsenal FC to promote “Visit Rwanda,” which has been advertising “Visit Rwanda” on players’ sleeves for the past year and a half. Indeed, the campaign which was controversial at its lunch has lifted overall tourist numbers by 8 percent, according to Rwanda officials, a three year deal worth 30 million pounds in May 2018.

Consequently, the gambling sector has been benefiting from the growing numbers of tourists in the country. But still, gambling legislation is a new term for the Rwanda people, whom the law only came into being in 2011; Law No. 58/2011 was put in place to govern all gambling operations. Currently, there are few casinos in the country, the first and popular being Casino Kigali based in Lemigo Hotel not too far from the International Conservative Program.

Surprisingly as it is in most African countries, online gambling is yet to be regulated in Rwanda. It is illegal to offer online casinos in the country, so it is not a surprise that the facility has not incorporated an online casino as the law prohibits. However, in recent years the Rwanda government have proposed a Bill to legislate online gambling, but still, it has been met with setback over the years.

Consequently, the pandemic has made it one of the country’s top priorities since the virus surface in the country that saw the country went on lockdown for months to control the spread of the virus. For gambling firms in the country, it was a total shutdown for them as online gambling is not regulated neither allowed in the country. Land-based casino operators and retail sportsbook operators suffer the worse hit. The pandemic, as made the government vows to consider taking all its government operations digital, echoed by the president that digital is the way forward for us to mitigate the pandemic’s effect. However, as mentioned earlier, the Rwanda tourism sector is booming, and it is one of Africa’s best safari destinations-home to chimpanzees, elephants, rhino’s lions, and more. Though the country places some conditions in which tourists will have to adhere to testing, it is required before arrival and again upon arrival.

To gain entry into Rwanda as a tourist, you must take a PCR test in your own country within 72 hours of departure and have the negative results as proof, at the airport upon arrival; travelers will be tested again with the results available 8 hours. However, despite the fact that the country’s not allowing online gambling and pandemic crisis, the Rwanda gambling market is alive after a total shutdown of all business-related activities caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It is quite exciting news for the tourism and other businesses associated with it, such as for gambling brands in Rwanda.

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