Sanitize lottery and betting space – president says to NLA

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has admonished the National Lottery Authority (NLA), to ensure that the lottery and betting space is sanitised to prevent underage persons from participating in its activities.

He entreated the NLA to enforce stringent measures in its quest to the blueprint of lottery in Africa.

“I urge you also to implement stringent policies on responsible gaming, chiefly, to prevent minus and under-age persons from patronizing your games and to help sanitise the lottery and betting space. The Ghanaian people are expectant of reforms that will help you live up to your vision of becoming the organisation of choice and blueprint for lottery in Africa,”

– President Akufo-Addo said this during the 60th-anniversary celebration of NLA on December 9, 2022, in Accra.

The President further charged the NLA to ensure that patrons of lottery games receive a true reflection of the daily results published, imploring them to exercise the highest form of transparency and integrity.

“As an institution tasked with revenue generation, I will implore you to ensure that you exercise the highest form of transparency and integrity in the conduct of your draws to uphold the confidence that the public continues to have in you. The onus to achieve this does not only lie in your ability to generate revenue for government and give back to society, but more importantly, in ensuring that the Ghanaians who play your lottery games receive a true reflection of the daily results published,” – he urged.


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