Seychelles Implement Technology for Tourists Arrivals

Seychelles government has introduced technology to facilitate the collection and analysis of traveler documentation to ensure the reopening of borders takes place safely. The new technology called Travizory allows authorities to collect and identify health information directly from travelers via easy-to-use web and mobile apps.

The data is fed securely into a single system, providing advance information about all travelers wishing to travel to Seychelles. The system gives authorities the capability to run rapid and efficient vetting procedures to minimize Covid-19 and other security risks. The country’s public health commission Dr. Jude Gedeon, says keeping our citizens safe from the virus spread is our number-one responsibility. However, we need to enable international travel to let in critical workers, specialists, and allow tourism to restart. For our citizens to work again with our current email and multiple forms, doctors and airport staff were struggling to keep pace with the numbers of tourist arrivals.

So we deem it necessary to implement the technology by giving them a tool to focus their attention where it is most needed.” The new visitor management platform allows airlines to verify the traveler authorization’s validity before boarding and submit Advance Passenger Information (API data) electronically to Seychelles. The forum will also store Covid-19 vaccination certificates in the future when s vaccination is released. Hence this came as an exciting report for all stakeholders in the tourism, hospitality, and the gambling sector, especially land-based casino operators in the country that depends on tourism for their business survival. This development will be welcome by these operators in the industry as the government is doing everything to make the tourist feel safe coming into the country.

Consequently, Seychelles’s economy is a service-based sector, traditionally the main contributor to its GDP; the tourism sector is the second most significant industry after commercial fishing entities are fundamental to Seychelles and contributing immensely to the country’s economy. The tourism sectors represent one of the economy’s key segments based on its unique biodiversity, cultural richness, and comprehensive maritime environment. The Travel &Tourism has been an integral part of Seychelles since then, contributing 56.5% to GDP. And this is expected to rise. According to (AFDB) Africa Development Bank, an increase in tourism contribution to GDP between 2012 and 2013 was due to a 10% increase in tourist arrivals as Seychelles diversified its markets beyond Europe to new markets in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

In 2012 208,000 international tourist arrivals were on a high with the country record. The number of foreign tourists has been an upward trend since the establishment of the international airport in 1971; the average length of stay per visitor has consistently been recorded at around ten nights. Approximately 80% of arrivals are foreign tourists coming from Europe. It is quite interesting to know that tourism work-hand in hand with casino gambling in which most of the casinos are attached to the resort, hotels, and Bars in the country.

As mentioned earlier, it comes as exciting news for sectors in the tourism hospitality and casino business owners. Also, the new technology implemented by the authorities will further increase the number of tourists. At the same time, it will also make those in the industry feel safe, given that there will be appropriately tested before coming into the country.

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