Shacks Evolution – Africa’s First iGaming Studio

Shacks Evolution Studios currently positions itself as a market leader and is strategically on course to be Africa’s first and biggest iGaming studio. Helmed by a team with vast experience in iGaming, the business has pledged to break new ground in the games production space in Africa.

We are an iGaming tech startup developing games and localized content for betting, casino, and lotto companies in Africa leveraging on the growth of mobile gaming and ever-growing African gambling industry.

Its no news that the African iGaming industry is currently generating about $2billion in revenue annually with key revenue markets Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco amongst others. We have seen instances of over 95% of operators taking games and products from foreign companies neglecting the need to grow home based gaming studios who can provide and rival these same games, solutions and softwares gotten from overseas.

Shacks Evolution is trying to change the norm. You may call this disruption, but we are focused on building a global gaming tech infrastructure exporting talents and the best games to the world. There are young budding talents who have the skills but do not have the avenue to explore and improve these skills due to this part of the entertainment industry being ignored.

Among the continents where online betting sites generate the highest profit, Africa stands among the leaders. The rising disposable income available to some sub-Saharan countries, burgeoning middle classes, combined with the rapid development of communication infrastructure in the region, makes Africa one of the continents to look out for.

How did Shacks Evolution come to be?

The journey started in 2020 during the pandemic. At that time, I was working with a sports betting company name withheld, and my then co-founder Wale started Paper & Spades Gaming to tackle the adverse effects on all sports being suspended worldwide. Due to the shortage of sporting events for sports betting companies, we created our first product Next Evolution Soccer, a virtual football game that was based on plays by computer on a video game console, Playstation. As the time development was done, sports were back and due to limited time and exposure we couldn’t scale. Wale later went on to focus on Real Estate.

What offerings is Shacks Evolution Bringing to the industry?

We are geared towards the instant games aspect of the industry. We believe so much in developing games which gives players the opportunity to make the most money and also do so in little time hence the name “Instant Games”

Shacks Evolution currently has two finished products titled NES, a virtual football game & Busly.

Busly is a crash game or get out quickly game where customers simply have to CASHOUT before the BUS STOPS to win a bet. In the game, you will see a simulation of a moving bus and a rising multiplier. You can imagine the excitement and turn over Busly gives players as we have seen so much positive reaction to it in Nigeria & Kenya.

We are currently increasing our portfolio to 6 games amongst which are Keno, Citadel, a penalty shootout game, and a spinning wheel game by the end of March. New exciting games for players to watch out for. W I want to give players and operators a new category of entertainment. It’s entirely possible that these games could carry their own tab on an operator’s site – it’s a new experience.

You can find our game demos on our website

We’ve got a lot of big news planned for this year, so keep your eyes and ears open. Also speaking to other team members of Shacks Evolution Studios;

We are beyond excited about the new releases from Shacks Evolution and from continuously improving and expanding our game titles. We have learnt a great deal and are now able to finally put these learnings into practice to bring amazing new experiences to operators around the globe. said the Technical Lead of Shacks Evolution.

Our team has delivered truly outstanding work on these games over the past year – we have developed them fully remotely, from the prototype to soft launch. All out developers, game designers, testers have gone out of their way to adapt to these challenges and created games that new and old players would love. said Imoh Abolagba, Game developer at Shacks Evolution

Shacks Evolution Studios is definitely one startup to watch out for in the iGaming industry this 2022. But the big question is, without funding and currently bootstrapping, how much growth can they make?


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