Simba and Arsenal wins Sh176.5m of M-BET

Simba and Arsenal fan Swalehe Enzi poses after receiving a dummy cheque for Sh176.5 million, which he won through the Perfect 12 betting platform of M-Bet Tanzania. Enzi, a resident of Mtwara, was awarded his prize money by the firm’s Marketing Manager, Allen Mushi, in a brief handover ceremony held yesterday.

The winner used only Sh1,000 to predict and win such a huge amount of cash. Speaking yesterday, Enzi said he had been predicting for three years while winning a small amount of money that did not discourage him. Despite being a fan of both Simba and Arsenal, he said he faced many challenges in his predictions due to the current statuses of the two teams in their respective ongoing leagues.

“I am a carpenter and I have been predicting using notebooks or ‘counterbooks’. I have done this for three years while winning small cash prizes. However, I could not get discouraged as I witnessed some people winning millions of shillings through M-BET’s Perfect 12 betting platform. I knew there was a day I would win because there is no manipulation. So, I call upon young people from the age of 18 to start to predict through M-BET,” said Enzi.

He said he did not believe when he received a phone call informing him that he had won a significant amount of money, which, he explained, he would use to develop his business, start another, study and build a house.

For his part, M-BET Tanzania Marketing Manager Allen Mushi said they feel very proud to transform the lives of Tanzanians through their game.

According to Mushi, many Tanzanians have been predicting and winning cash through their betting platforms to make great strides of their own development.

“This is the beginning of the year and the winners have already started being found. We will continue to be the home of the winners and change the lives of Tanzanians,” – asserted Mushi.


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