Simulated Reality League and the African Betting Scene

The new era has introduced what seemed impossible in the betting gaming world. Sportsbooks are quickly adapting to the new modern technology to meet the growing demands of the consumers.

Sportsbooks introduced virtual games to the African betting market in addition to the existing online betting games where players have the opportunity to participate in what looks like real matches in real time events.

Simulated Reality League (SLR) is part of virtual games. SLR is a virtual sport simulated by Artificial Intelligence based on historical statistics, rankings, and previous match outcomes. It consists of pre-matches and a Live In-play option. It resembles real matches in real-time but the difference is that coding is involved and odds are fixed according to algorithms. Simulated reality gives bettors experience to feel close to an actual sports event with relevant live odds.

Simulated Reality Leagues comprises leagues from Germany, England, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Italy and each game plays for 90 minutes and a punter can place a bet as he would a real game. A punter also has a chance to track his bets through the Live In-Play tracker. There a virtual jackpot for the virtual league matches. Punters do not have to place real bets for a win. Other times punters stand a chance to win cash prize depending on the terms and conditions of the bookie.

SportsRadar is the leading provider of SRL in Africa and it boasts of delivering new and innovative solutions in the betting industry. SportsRadar provides betting firms with content and consumer data based on sports data to enhance players’ experience. They use a football database and past matches figures in their database to create Artificial Intelligence matches. The virtual reality mirrors team from a real match play. They also follow the original schedule of a normal football league season.

They are other stimulated games available in the market, punters are spoiled with options from casino games to card games and poker games.

Betting companies like Betika and M-bet have already introduced the Simulated Reality League into their platform. Betika has launched this new product in Kenya while M-bet has launched its Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia. Bettors in these countries are among the first countries in Africa to experience this exceptional gaming experience. Betika and M-bet’s virtual reality games are available on the web and apps with outstanding modern features and options that offer players the best experience.

Africa economic environment has enabled virtual games to take place in the betting industry. Internet connectivity and smartphones have supported the implementation of virtual games in the African market. Countries such as it Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and Zambia are at a better advantage because of their wide internet connectivity, technology advancement, and the affordability of smartphones than African countries without these factors.

The differences between real-time games and simulated reality
1. Simulated reality highly depends on AI while real-time games depend on real time events.
2. Virtual bets depend on the algorithms while live games bettors take chances.

Advantages of SRL
1. Delivers near real-life experience
2. Players can access match analysis.
3. Players can access league tables.
4. Players can place a wager on their favorite teams.

1. The AI relies on historical football games and odds.
2. It contains an unbeatable algorithm managed by AI.
3. It is not yet fully embraced by Africans.
4. A winning bet highly depends on the algorithms.
5. Players find it a bit expensive compared to real-time betting.

Africa is already exposed to online betting so the Simulated Reality League will be no issue. Punters only need a good and fast internet connection to participate in these virtual games. The main aim of simulated reality is to offer a unique gaming experience to bettors in the comfort of their homes. A bettor also gets to participate in the pre-match and enjoy a 90-min of live betting of their favorite league match. Betting companies are on a journey to offer the best user experience through new innovative products and content.

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