Skrmiish launches esports & gaming app in South Africa

It isn’t often that a gaming/esports app launches first in South Africa. However, that’s exactly what UK-based gaming tech start-up, Skrmiish, has done with its first-of-a-kind gaming app. The company has decided to test its “proof of concept” in the South African market before launching it to a global audience.

Skrmiish launches in South Africa

First off, you probably want to know what Skrmiish is all about. Well, in short, it is an app-driven platform which allows online gamers, brands, teams, the community and streamers to “create and monetise their own competitive experiences anytime, anywhere”.

According to a Press Release we’ve received, this proof-of-concept app has launched in South Africa as a test. It is currently in Beta version, and includes both PUBG and Fortnite. You can actually try it out right now by following the simple steps below.

  • Download the app on Google PlayStore or Apple App store.
  • Register with Skrmiish
  • Verify and download the PC desktop client
  • Sync your device
  • In the Press Release, Skrmiish talks about the app and South Africa:

“Aimed at a global market of 2,7 billion gamers, Skrmiish aims to stimulate engagement and revenue for the casual gamer as well as streamers. Traditionally, this space is exclusively occupied by the pros and ‘million-dollar’ players while the vast majority of the market remains under-serviced.

As the world’s economy reels from the impact of the pandemic and lockdowns, the online gaming industry has boomed and South Africa is no exception. Globally, gaming is rated the third biggest entertainment genre in the world after books and gambling and it is almost 10 times bigger than the film and music industries combined. The local online gaming market will continue to grow as it has done in many other parts of the world regardless of the state of the economy.”

The Skrmiish app aims to give gamers of all levels and skillsets a competitive, safe, engaging and fun environment. You can compete on your own terms, choose your own stakes, and much more. Results are also automated via the app.

Skrmiish CEO Chris Heaton comments:

“This has been an incredible two-year journey with an exceptional and dedicated team. We have surmounted every challenge and we are super excited to unleash Skrmiish to the world and enable the next level of fun playing the games people love with the streamers they adore.”

It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the South African market.


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