Slots Are Becoming Available on South African Betting Sites – Isn’t it Illegal?

In a market that has clearly outlawed online casino, more and more betting sites in South Africa have begun adding slots games to their platforms. A question on the mind of several South African bettors is how exactly is this possible if online casinos and the games offered by them are outlawed in the country? This article discusses how slots have become available in the country, and how bettors are now able to play games that feel a lot like online casino games. 


South Africa’s online gambling industry is one that is steeped in history, and it is one of the few fully licensed and accepted gambling markets in Africa. The country’s online gambling market is licensed by nine regulatory bodies that preside over the nine provinces in the country. Each have differing laws and rules, but there are a number of caveats that the operators in the country have managed to work around. 


For one, online betting operators only need to be licensed by one of the regulatory bodies to be able to operate in all other provinces. If a certain operator wishes to have a land based betting shop or casino in a specific province, they will then need to become licensed within that specific province. For example, if you wish to open a betting shop in Cape Town, you will need to receive a license from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. 


One of the more interesting caveats that exists is with regards to online casino. Online casino is strictly illegal in South Africa, but this hasn’t stopped a thriving and option filled online casino industry from existing. There are even awards ceremonies for leading online casinos in South Africa, which leads many users to believe that this is in fact a legitamate industry. 


Confusion however began when the leading betting sites, found on reputable bookmaker review website began offering games that felt a lot like casino games. These games, labelled “6+ Poker” and “Lightning Roulette” were being offered by leading casino game companies, and are available on licensed betting sites, making it somehwat difficult to understand why these legal platforms were offering something largely felt illegal. 


The truth is however, is that these games offered on legal betting sites were in fact not illegal, and simply casino themed fixed odds betting events, likened to a horse race or a rugby game. The outcomes were largely random, and out of the user’s control, just like any sports game that a punter may want to bet on. 


This is how slots have become available on South African betting sites. Instead of slot games found on illegal online casinos, the slots that are available on licensed  betting sites in South Africa are not controlled by the user, and are free of any influence from the side of the gambler. The slots run independently, and punters bet on the outcomes of these spins. Slots run every couple of minutes, and it is up to the bettor to make the right bet in order to win any profit. 


There is no doubt that the addition of slot games on South African betting sites have made them more attractive. Some of the leading bookmakers in the country have now added slots to their platforms, along with elaborate promotions and offers to attract users. All of this is done within the confines of a  poorly enforced law, which keeps these bookmakers legal.

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