Smartphone users will reach 26 million in South Africa by 2023

South Africa is one of the most forward-thinking and modern countries in Africa. This can certainly be seen in the attitudes of people in Krugersdorp towards technology. Over time, this appetite to get involved with tech has seen many South Africans begin to use smartphones.

When you think of the easy mobile communication they offer and the bonus of being able to use them to access the internet, it is easy to grasp why they are so widely seen. This popularity is summed up by reports that suggest smartphone users in South Africa could hit 26 million by 2023. When you consider that smartphone use was around 9.4 million in 2014, it is clear how rapidly this market in South Africa has grown in recent years. But what does this mean for the people in Krugersdorp and the country in general?

How we stay entertained will continue to change

Entertainment has certainly seen a big shift as a result of increased smartphone use, and the projected rise by 2023 should continue this trend. In simple terms, more people than ever in SA will be using their mobile device to stay busy. This is a change from offline forms of entertainment, which were seen more commonly before the boom in smartphone use.

Online casino play has already been on the rise and top mobile casino sites in South Africa, should certainly continue to benefit from increased smartphone usage around the country. Playing these types of games on smartphones has become popular for many South Africans because they are fun, easy to access and offer the chance to win some money. This chance to make money is valued by the many South Africans who are struggling to find work. With the increased cost of living in South Africa hitting home, finding ways like this to make money is vital for many people.

Social media use also set to grow

Social media is another form of entertainment that seems to be getting ever more popular in Krugersdorp and throughout South Africa. The number of social media users in the country was just over 20 million in 2017 and is pegged to be close to 30 million by 2025. A major reason for this growth has been the ease of access and convenience that smartphones offer when using social media platforms. They allow you to easily check on updates and instantly post any replies or comments.

What does it mean for the economy and business sector?

As well as how we stay entertained, the projected rise in smartphone users could impact the business sector in South Africa. As more people around the country get comfortable operating smartphones and using them to access the internet, they will become more tech-savvy. This is great news for the South African economy as it will provide more people with the tech skills needed to drive companies forward.

In terms of productivity, increased smartphone use could also be great news for business. More people using smartphones, for example, will mean that more people can work and stay in touch while away from their desks or offices. More widespread usage will also allow people to save time on attending meetings by using video call tech on smartphones, or help South African businesses to enable remote working for employees. All these innovations could help businesses in the country improve productivity.

How will the smartphone market change over time?

As the estimated jump in smartphone users to 26 million by 2023 shows, the biggest change in the South African mobile phone market will be how much bigger it gets. As in the rest of Africa, South Africa has a large percentage of young people and this looks likely to affect the healthy outlook for smartphone usage moving ahead.

Of course, the expected investment into the whole mobile phone market around Africa should also have an impact. This could well see the South African government investing in improving the existing mobile network, particularly in accelerating the rollout of the 5G network. If this does happen, the improvements in access and usability should change the market in a positive way.

Smartphone use in South Africa set to explode

Looking at the growth of smartphone use in South Africa over time, it is clear that these mobile devices are here to stay. As the above shows, this is a positive thing when you consider what they bring to our daily lives. Whether it is how you stay busy in your spare time or how you work, they will become ever more valuable as tech in society grows in importance.


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