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Social Media has taken the internet, and the world, by storm. We thrive on connection and inter-personal relationships, and the use of social media has made it increasingly easier to connect with others on a regular basis.

Regular soon turned into constant, and checking into social media platforms like Facebook at 2 minute intervals throughout the day, in order to see what everyone else is up to, is not uncommon at all.

This constant obsession with and monitoring of the daily lives and activities of others was bound to evolve into more than just sharing of media and sneak-peeking into the lives of friends and family. An enjoyable past-time was needed, and this resulted in the birth of Social Gaming.

Playing It Safe

In Social Gaming transactions, no real money changes hands. This has been aptly dubbed the “Freemium” model of play. Micro-transactions do take place at intervals, affording players the chance to buy chips to unlock special features, bonus rounds, and the like. Chips can however not be redeemed for real money, and is in essence a way of paying for entertainment, instead of wagering for profits.

A Different Approach

Social Casino Games do not function on the typical probabilities of the game, in the way that Online Slots real money canada would. Instead, their algorithms are configured rather to engage players and offer a less risky form of entertainment, with no real stakes involved, as well as simultaneously stimulating social interaction.

Social interaction is encouraged by allowing players to share information like winning game statistics and levels achieved with other social media users, and specifically also with other players, playing the same games. This stimulates interaction between players who might not necessarily even know each other in the natural world, but can now become digital friends via online interaction.

Player Statistics

Industry research shows that a third of all Social Casino gamers are women, and are between the ages of 35 and 54. Women also tend to spend up to 30% more on virtual gaming chips than their male counterparts. Surveys indicate that more than 60% of all social media users have indicated that they play casino games on social media on a daily basis. This in itself presents with insightful data regarding the difference between male and female players, and ultimately, the habits of men and women in general.

Spot The Difference

Surveys indicate that players are well able to tell the difference between Social Casino games and online slot games. This translates to the risk of “accidentally” spending funds unintentionally not being a regular occurrence at all.

Research Well Worth Funding

The development of Social Casino games is in itself a valuable research tool, especially for real money Online Casinos wishing to pinpoint what it is that players desire in general. Marketing and branding strategies can now be fine-tuned, with a vast amount of data at hand regarding the playing tendencies in demographics across the board.

With Social Casino gaming on the rise, this is a seemingly infinite source of information and insight, and well worth paying attention to.


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