Someone is holding a R25 million Powerball Plus jackpot ticket

Someone in South Africa is going to have a very merry Christmas after bagging R25 million in the Powerball Plus jackpot. According to the national lottery operator, Ithuba, the winner walks away with R25,287,948.10 from the December 1 draw.

And the winning ticket was purchased at Pick n’ Pay in Pretoria.

“The winner is urged by Ithuba to step forward and claim their newfound status as South Africa’s newest multi-millionaire,” – said Ithuba in a statement.

Ithuba CEO Charmaine Mabuza said:

“These extraordinary wins epitomise the dreams and aspirations that the National Lottery represents. Our excitement knows no bounds as we eagerly await the opportunity to meet our newest millionaire and guide them through their journey of newfound wealth.”

According to Ithuba all lottery tickets are valid for 365 days from the date of the draw.
Last week, a retired man from the Western Cape started off the festive season smiling after bagging almost R43 in the Lotto jackpot.

According to Ithuba, the man won in the November 25 lotto jackpot draw. The winning ticket was purchased at a local retailer.


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