South Africa – Gambling Industry Fast Growth in South Africa

South Africa

Did you know that gambling is that hot in South Africa? In fact, it is among the largest revenue producing industries.

Proof is in the recent data from the National Gambling Board (NGB) that reveals that it generated 30 billion rand in 2018 — just from the 40 licensed and operating brick-and-mortar casinos in the country.

But there is an online gambling ban in South Africa completely disregarded by numerous offshore operators who want a piece3 of the big market. South Africans sign up in droves for illegal online casinos.

The NGB is perturbed over rise of such illegal gambling, claiming it erodes the action at the legal gambling operations.

Nevertheless, the land-based casinos are expanding at breakneck speed due to the exciting offerings in the sphere of horse racing, bingo, classic table games and sports betting. By 2021, the total take should reach a whopping 25 billion rand.

Legalizing online gambling would give punters new options, but the Casino Association of South Africa hasn’t yet taken a clear stand. Things could change given the popularity of online gambling technology.


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