South African Opposition Presents Remote Gambling Bill

The South African gambling industry is currently going through a revolutionary period in its history. The Democratic Alliance has presented a new bill looking to bring order into the world of remote gambling across the country.

The proposed law, Remote Gambling Bill (B11-2024) established several important rules in South Africa involving innovative licensing system, new directives for brands, and security measures to support preventing gambling-related harm.

South Africa doesn’t have any stipulations regarding online gambling, although a bill was presented back in 2008. The National Gambling Amendment Act, the only act that touches base of online gambling, was approved by president about sixteen years ago but it has never been signed.

How the Future Will Look Like

By adopting the new bill, the Democratic Alliance believes this will populate a “legal gap” in the gambling sector. According to the party, bill was looking for the right balance between security, regulation, and administration for full two years.

The absence of the law was also encouraging for criminals while the public in South Africa didn’t enjoy the same level of protection as those opting for land-bases facilities. Furthermore, failure in adopting law was causing loss of billions of rands and job opportunities.

According to the Alliance, last sixteen years in the country, no one showed the will to protect players from criminal activities hence they took this complex job as their duty.

Proposal of the New Bill

When it comes to program of the new bill, it introduces three sorts of licenses. The list includes remote gambling operator license, supplier of maintenance provider license, a manufacturer, and an employment license.

“innovative licensing system”

First off, operators interested to submit the application should send them to provincial authorities. The National Gambling Board makes final decision on granting the license. Provincial authorities are here to back the board by supervising activity and responding to improper operations.

It is also important that all parties will have access to licenses, involving those who already obtained other gambling certifications in South Africa. Moreover, all submissions will be reviewed thoroughly before making final decision.

Another important prescription in the Bill says that licenses are to be dropped or withdrawn if the licensee contravenes presented licensing conditions. Holders can also surrender their license or shift it to another party but board will be in charge of such requests.

At the moment, it’s not familiar what tax rates could be set by new law as well as costs of license. However, online gambling would be only available to those aged 18 or more.

It is still to be seen whether this law can pass the Parliament and restore the South African online gambling sphere.


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