South Sudan- Backlashes Ensue due to MTN, Zain Increased Internet Tariff

The increase in data charges in South Sudan has raised concern from the National Communication Authority, which says it is not aware of any change in internet tariff by the telecommunication companies in South Sudan.

Online platforms have been awash with subscribers complaining of a sudden increase in the price of data. Responding to this acquisition, the telecom companies said –

“We have not increased the tariff, it said in a statement to local media. The last one we did was actually on January 15, and now we are two months since we adjusted tariff.”

The changes were noticed by Customers of MTN and Zain of South Sudan. They say the changes for 100 MB on MTN were previously 200 pounds. But it has increased to 250 pounds. On Zain, 100 MB that used to cost 190 pounds has gone up to 230 pounds. The charges have also increased by 50 and 30 pounds on other MBs. However, most of the consumers wondered why the telecom companies did not notify them in advance or notice the changes in the cost of the data bundle. When the Director-General of the National Communication Authority asked by local media said, he had not been notified about the changes in the cost of internet.

“I take note of this if such a thing has happened, we are indeed not aware of it . We will seek clarity from them, Zain, and MTN, and we will see the issue a statement on where we stand. The National Communication Authority regulates telecommunication companies in South Sudan.”

– Napoleon Adok said

We control the rate to make it affordable for the public; so far, the exchange rate that we use is SSP300 for a dollar.” The NCA encourages the public to report information communication and technology through the regular toll-free channel. “It is being set up by NCA so that you can register your complaint“. It should be operational by the end of this month. Mr. Adok announced. However, it is interesting to know that there were 887.7 thousand internet users in South Sudan in 2020. The number of internet users increases by 8,688 between 2019 and 2020, while internet penetration in south Sudan stood at 8.0 percent, about 280 thousand on social media. According to We are Hootsuite and Social, the internet penetration stood at 2.5 percent, which there were 2.20 million mobile connections, equivalent to 20 percent of the total population.

State of Gambling in South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan is one of the newest countries in the World to gain independence from Sudan in 2011, and South Sudan lies in East-Central Africa. The economy is highly dependent on oil 98% of all government income comes from oil. The current capital is Juba, which is also its largest city. There are virtually no official sources yet about the legal status of gambling in south Sudan. Notwithstanding they are some information that the Directorate of Taxation issues sportsbook, casino and lottery license. Under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of South Sudan states but they have yet to be a clear indication as of licensed sports betting or casino company currently in the country as of the time of this report.

Still, they are information of up and running legal national lottery in South Sudan. According to the Ministry in charge, lottery and other gambling winnings are subject to personal income taxes-a clear indication that there are some forms of legal gambling in the state, with one of them being the lottery.

It is pretty interesting to know that most South Sudan practices Christianity and certain animal beliefs instead of Sudan, where the vast majority of the population is Muslims. Consequently, this is to bring to your attention that South Sudan could be a new emerging market for investors in Africa in a matter of time.

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