Sports Bet Business is Overtaking Lottery in Ghana

Ghana is well known as the home of the lottery business in West Africa. Lottery kiosks are visible in various corners across the country. Weekly lottery results used to be shown on national television in time past an indication of its popularity back then it still, which is worth millions of dollars today.

But still, a different kind of game of chance known as sports bets as grown leaps and bounds in the country’s mind. Notably, the young population in which several perceive lotteries for older people’s games, and some think it could be rig due to the reason that it is a machine that rolls out set of numbers. In contrast, many say sports bet is fun, real, and you have the opportunity to watch it live and how the team you place a wager on performed in a live televised event in this category of the event the younger population dominates this set of the game.

It is an indication of the popularity of sports betting business in Ghana that has been taking over by the country’s youth. That is attributed to the passion and love for European football, like the English Premier League. Some local heroes ply their football trade such as Michael Essien, Ayew brothers, and a host of them in other leagues around the globe. But still, the fans also place a wager on different sports, including boxing, rugby, tennis, NBA basketball, and others; many other betting companies also offer virtual Gaming for customers.

However, sports bet business in recent years has captured the imagination of the young Ghana population and has been a growing phenomenon in Africa, with Ghana, not an exception. Betting shops this is where sports fans wager on the outcome of a sporting event with a small fee, and if the odd bet comes through one wins big, are now well visible in various corners across the country. On the weekend, fans turn out to betting shops to watch football matches where you’ll often found a giant screen television showing league matches some times in view centers where the momentum of crowd gather argues and share opinions on the outcome of the sports event.

The testament of the growth as been visible within the last few years, as much as 15 licensed sports betting companies have established their operations in the country, unlike the lottery games that which the Ghana National Lottery Authority controls the majority of the games. The Gaming Commission legally regulates its processes of sports betting business in Ghana. Therefore, the advancement in infrastructural development and the presence of technology and the high proportion of the young population that is tech-savvy with a mobile device, coupled with internet access penetration. These have seen many sports betting companies innovating their service to meet the latest trends of customers’ needs. Such as the comfort and flexibility to access their service wherever you are as long as you have access to internet players can place a wager anywhere.

These are one of the reasons the lottery business has fallen further behind in the country where most of the activities take place in the kiosk. As mentioned earlier, the proportion of those that bet on the lottery is older people in Ghana. While accessing the lottery service online is a big challenge because the number of people in this category lacks digital skills, neither have access to smartphones.

Hence, people in this category prefer physical shops to bet. Sports bets well patronized due to the young population that follows football passionately. The opportunity to have fun and derived entertainment from it is one of the main reasons it has received wide popularization among the young Ghana population. Unlike the lottery, this is a game of numbers rolls by a set of machines to determine the winner. It might sound obscure to most of the youth who are tech-savvy and believe in what they can see.

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