Sports betting, economic growth are two peas on the pod

Sports betting is increasingly becoming a popular refresher and side gig for youths when placed bets frequently convert fixed odds into the cash prizes.

Sealed prizes open supplement the bettorsʼ regular earnings coming from other revenue streams for livelihoods. But the profitability of the game is not lopsided as the Tanzania Government collects substantial amounts of taxes from the sector that account sufficiently to the countryʼs GDP and economic growth.

As a new entrant to the countryʼs major economic drivers pecking order, according to the Gaming Board, betting has contributed significantly a staggering Sh170 billion to the GDP and created 25,000 employment for the past 20 years.

This is a significant achievement for our country whose economic strength has been steadily backed up by agriculture, industry, tourism, communications sectors — to mention a few — for decades economy is perfectly portrayed in its book.

Why does all that matter? Because it is the preferred sports betting firm in the East African region coupled with multiple betting options to help gamers hold higher chances of winning.

But if that doesn’t please you! The company features among the precursors of lucrative multi-bets and jackpots that have seen Tanzanians becoming millionaires out of the game in broad daylight.

In addition, SportPesa is known for massive investment in betting technologies that gives players convenience during placing bets — transitioning from the traditional betting to advanced ones.

The company has also employed a substantial local workforce that are now working behind closed doors to help it deliver on or rather beyond its targets.

Improved peopleʼs living standards and economic prosperity on the back of betting, gives the company a desire to do more and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Tanzania in greater scales.

With all these remarkable efforts, SportPesa still complies with regulatory requirements stating clearly that betting should never be allowed to persons under the age of 18 years. For adults, it should be done responsibly as more of a fun activity.


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