Sports Betting in Mozambique Booming like Wildfire

Sports betting are the widely most popular form of gambling in this country. It has been legal to bet on sports in Mozambique since 1994, while the online sports betting legalized in 2009.

The country is fast becoming one of the hot spots for sports betting business in Africa in recent time which numerous sportsbook operators as spot on the vast potentials of the country’s youth population, and the stable economic growth the country is experiencing over the years. However, covid-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on the country’s economy. Yet, still, the Mozambique government has set up a recovery plan for post-Covid-19.

However, sports betting is a lucrative business in Mozambique as it known in Africa this success is attributed to the love affair for sports especially football is by far the most popular sports both to watch and bet on in Mozambique. Domestic and international matches are viral that on weekend match days they are always a giant flat screen in betting shops showing various sports events. Also, another sport that is fast becoming the choice of the people is basketball, unlike most of the southern African nations, basketball as being internationally recognized since 1978 in the country. However, the Mozambican national team has yet to win any notable championship still this, of course, hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm for the sport. It is still widespread among bettors, but there is also a surge of traditional games are also gaining ground such as Butterfly, named after the shape of the board, and capoeira which is a form of martial arts.

Further, as stated earlier, there are numerous international and local sports betting brands across the country, some of which located in the capital city of Maputo. Which presently, there are a total of 16 licensed sportsbook operators in the country practically 8 of the sportsbook brands both allow for retail and online gambling business. While there are four online sportsbook brands at the same time, the remaining three are doing retail only.

The retail betting is still the widely accepted gambling operations in Mozambique, despite the growth in mobile and online betting, operated by a few numbers of operators, a lot of betting activity still happens in shops and on the streets through agents in many areas of Mozambique. As stated shops are often packed to capacity with young men, especially on as weekends and match days with giant flat screens showing various sports events are massive attractions to draw fans. Betting shops strategically located in a densely populated area of the city where large and mainly unemployed sports-loving fans can find. It is a fact to know that one current challenge for the retail consumer in Mozambique is the queue times. A large proportion of customers are spending over twenty minutes in queues.

Still, they bear it because they feel more confident in staking their bets on a football match with the major European leagues coming that set to resume in weeks ahead this will be business as usual for the bookies in the country. Sports betting market is a lucrative and profitable business and its fast-rising in Mozambique and according to the reports from the gaming board of the country. The estimated Gross Gaming Revenue is around US$ 1.500.000 per month/per operator in retail operations and US$ 980.000 per month/per operator, for online. The GGR in the online branch is picking up, month after month. However, it is interesting to know that betting on sports is a huge business.

It fast gaining massive traction for young adults in the country, while online betting is going to pick in the years to come. But still with the Covid-19 pandemic that as disrupt all majors sectors across the globe but with reports of the vast majority of punters signing-up to a new online betting account in Africa. I firmly believed online betting in Mozambique and Africa, in general, is now even closer than before.

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