Sports betting operators support communities affected by dam spillage

The Ghana Association of Sports Betting Operators (GHASBO) has supported five communities affected by the recent dam spillage in the Lower Volta region. In collaboration with its member operators, GHASBO organized a donation drive to provide much-needed relief items to those impacted by the environmental disaster.

The donation drive, on February 20, 2024, saw GHASBO representatives visit five communities in the affected region to distribute learning materials and assorted food items.

Each customized box contained contributions from GHASBO member operators, reflecting a collective effort to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. This initiative highlights the compassionate and caring side of the industry, demonstrating its capacity to bring about positive change and support vulnerable populations during times of crisis.

Commenting on the initiative, Dr. Kobby Boateng, President of GHASBO, stated:

“A total amount of over GH470,000 was spent on this special course of distributing 1000 boxes of assorted food items and 1000 bags of sachet water to 1000 households in five different communities, such as Tokpo, Mepe, Bakpa, and Azizanya, and learning materials to 939 pupils in Anyako. We are proud to stand alongside our operators as we extend a helping hand to communities affected by the dam spillage. This donation drive underscores our commitment to corporate social responsibility and our belief in the importance of giving back to society.”

The Gaming Commission represented by Ms. Beatrice Baiden acknowledges and commends GHASBO for their CSR efforts in donating learning materials and food items to support flood victims.

“We empathize with the victims and assure them of our care. This initiative highlights operators’ commitment to societal welfare beyond revenue generation. We also appreciate the emphasis on responsible gaming, particularly in keeping minors away from the industry.”

GHASBO remains dedicated to supporting communities in need and will continue to prioritise corporate social responsibility initiatives in the future.

Through collective action and compassion, GHASBO and its member operators strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of those facing adversity.

Other executive members present at the donation were Eric Kpai, the Treasurer, and Eric Kpogoh Azumah, the Executive Assistant.


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