Sports betting reshaping sports media in Africa

Sports betting are definitely the most popular form of gambling in African, it is well known that the African market is expanding fast, and showing no signs of stopping, though, the continent represent an incredible digital young generation.

Africa it is home to one of the world’s most exciting opportunities for sports betting business these could be said is being influenced by sports crazy people, especially, European football leagues as well as local sports leagues in the region. However, sports media will rush to embrace sports betting, with sports book operators hungering for more new customers in the growing gambling industry, local sports leagues looking for ways to bolster the value of their television broadcast rights, with African sports publishers find themselves in position to significantly bolster their ad revenues over the next several years.

The two entities is working hand to hand and it’s reshaping the entire sports marketing industry, and you’re seeing a lot of sports publishers, are publishing sports betting contents i.e. football prediction matches, NBA prediction, horse racing etc. importantly on their media outlets knowing full well that the young African population are involved with gambling so as to attract a lot of readers to their media outlets.

However, today sports betting are legal in almost all the 54countries in Africa and it is estimated that the business now worth billion of dollars which as attract the attention of almost every kind of mainstream sports publisher, today sports betting appeals to publishers because they can monetize it in so many ways. For example, sports betting offers a big affiliate commerce opportunity. On the other hand of the spectrum, a growing number of publishers are looking to create content that helps familiar or sophisticated sports bettors wager wisely.

Other media companies are looking to tap into the billion dollar industry in Africa while sports books are eager to collaborate on campaigns to promote their wager offers. In some cases, all the publisher has to provide is distribution, thanks to some sports book significant investment in their own content creation operations.

For example Multichoice Nigeria, which controls the cable television station Super Sports Nigeria, which promote every sports book promotions on their cable network particularly during a live weekend matches or during any major sporting events and sports programs.

Article by Adeleye Awakan

Associate/Editor Africa’s leading digital gaming magazine. For consultant on gaming in Africa, Bookmaker’s review, Content, Advertising, and Thoughtful leadership article contact: [email protected], Linkedin Adeleye Awakan.

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