Sports betting tips for newbies in Africa

Are you a beginner looking to get best out of online betting experience in Africa? Here are a few expert tips that will point you in the right direction.


There are hardly any set rules and standard tricks that translate to effortless success in sports betting. This means you’re going to keep trying different strategies and approaches until you separate that which works for you from one that doesn’t.

Always keep in mind that long-term strategies perform better and deliver accurate results. Winning big may not come by often but great potential lies in your strategy.

Remember to keep records that will clearly point out what has worked and what hasn’t. Analyze your results and make appropriate decisions. They say history often repeats itself, don’t they?

Always be Patient

As you experiment and try out new strategies, patience is a crucial skill to develop in sports betting. This is especially true if you’re just beginning your sports betting journey. It’s all about dedicating a good deal of time to developing necessary skills to drive your success in sports betting. It doesn’t pay letting despondency and impatience settle in upon losing a few bets. With discipline and self-control, you’ll keep your gambling activities well within your budget, and you’ll know when to place bets and for what reasons. That’s skill in the making.

Develop Style

Sports betting and sports gambling aren’t one. We call it sports betting because it can give you an edge throughout your sports betting adventure, unlike mere gambling. With the later you are mostly playing at a disadvantage or with very little edge if any.

Here is one thing you need to know if you have to make it big: don’t take the direction that everyone is taking. Being a beginner you’ll naturally want to have your interests aligned with the public opinion. But if you dream of making sports betting really count when it comes to securing your finances then you need to identify your style, think original and stop following the herd.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is one of the longest serving tip and it doesn’t retire soon. One of the strengths of a successful bettor is staying away from bets that can cripple ones finances. As a beginner, you will tend to guard your bankroll closely but the risk of betting more is forever present. Managing your finances involves among other things strategically staying away from catastrophic situations leading to big losses, including chasing earlier losses. If you dedicate $500 to NFL betting, for instance, be sure to peg each bet at anything ranging from 1 to 5% of your bankroll, and not more.

Do Your Homework

Back to the haunting times of lessons and class assignments. But don’t worry, this doesn’t come any close to rocket science. In fact it’s mostly fun with just a small bit of strain.

It’s not like luck will always be waiting around, so you need something more permanent. Since most bettors don’t spend much of their time on research, every extra effort you put in background research and analysis will get you in a better position than thousands of fellow bettors. Let me quickly guide you around the minimum you can do for a start:

To develop your understanding of the strategic aspects regarding the sports you need to;

  • Dedicate some time to learning basic statistics that will enable you make informed decisions.
  • Keep a record of your betting decisions and their outcomes, for referencing and making corrections where necessary.
  • Sign up for sports related newsletters by at least two trusted sources.
  • Bookmark sports betting websites that demonstrate tremendous insight on sports matters, including news and strategies.

Resist the Bait

Let it be known upfront that you’ll encounter sports betting websites that will want to sell you dummies. Sadly, the cyber sphere today has a lot of shady deals which continue to disrupt the normalcy among straight thinking sports bettors online.

Many sites will try to lure you into blind betting by floating unrealistic offers and promotions, which eventually yield nothing but fewer gains and more losses.

To rise above this temptation, background research should be your focus. Before becoming part of any sports betting network, or follow an online expert, do research, read reviews, and check out available demos.

Wrapping it up

The African community has demonstrated great enthusiasm when it comes to online sports betting. Being both rewarding, exciting and a rewarding venture, sports betting now occupy a special place among African nations both for economic and social reasons.

For newbies in Africa, adopting the basic tips and strategies above will not only improve your sports betting experience but will also keep your safe from online scammers. Remember healthy sports betting is built on unwavering financial discipline along with your readiness to invest time and thought in developing a strong understanding of sports.


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