signs partnership deal with traditional Nigerian boxing

The African Warriors Fighting Championship (AWFC), a promotion of traditional Nigerian boxing Dambe, has signed a sponsorship deal with Through the agreement, the crypto betting brand, which already sponsors the UFC and Nigerian UFC Champion Israel Adesanya, extends to Africa with its first deal in the continent.

As part of the deal, Stake branding will be integrated into AWFC events through high-visibility logo placements on athletes, official uniforms and the fight arena. The partnership will also offer Stake exposure across AWFC’s digital channels, where Stake branding will be integrated into AWFC’s Dambe content.

Founded in 2019 by Maxwell Kalu, The African Warriors Fighting Championship aims to raise global interest and awareness in Dambe, traditional Nigerian boxing. “Hugely popular in Nigeria, Dambe has built a large international following and has secured hundreds of millions of online views,” the promotion says.

In Dambe matches, athletes are permitted to strike with one hand which is wrapped tightly in knotted cord and known as “the spear.” The other hand is used defensively and is known as “the shield.” Athletes can also kick with both legs. AWFC Dambe matches are contested over three rounds, and victory is secured by knocking out an opponent or causing his hand, knee or back to touch the ground.

Discussing the partnership between AWFC and Stake, Maxwell Kalu, CEO of AWFC, said:

“The first of its kind, our partnership with Stake is a huge moment for African combat sports and an exciting step in our mission of taking Dambe global. Ancient, intense, and steeped in tradition, Dambe is unlike any other combat sport in the world. Partnering with Stake highlights the impressive growth of AWFC and demonstrates that Dambe is making a real impact in the minds of combat sports fans around the world. We’re proud to be Stake’s first partner in Africa and look forward to assisting the brand in raising awareness and expanding its user base across the continent.”

Akhil Sarin, Director of Acquisition at, said:

“AWFC is a young brand with exciting plans, and we see huge potential for the sport of Dambe. Stake has built a reputation with our combat sports partnerships and adding this to our portfolio is a huge step forward as we seek to expand in the African market.”


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