State of Gambling in Rwanda

The gambling legislation in Rwanda highly regulates the gambling industry in the country. You will find several land-based casinos giving a range of games and slots.

The Law No. 58/2011 was put in place to govern all gambling operations in the country. Although there are other statutes, they all stem from this principle decree. Apart from legalizing land-based casinos, this law also applies to internet gambling. It has established a Consultative Gaming Committee whose role is to advise gambling authorities on the policies of gambling.

Online Casinos
If you go to Rwanda, the most popular betting platform is Casino Kigali based in Lemigo Hotel. Surprisingly, the facility has not incorporated an online casino in the country. However, gamers can access internet casino sites from foreign providers. Rwanda has no strict policies against non-local operators. The country also has PremierBet, which is an official provider of betting activities. Since it is a government platform, many gamers prefer subscribing here because they are guaranteed safety.

Online Poker
Poker enthusiasts are free to play the game because it is legal, and many land-based casinos are offering it. However, the law is not so elaborate about poker games in Rwanda. As of March 2019, there was no licensed poker site in the country. Even PremierBet, with proper licensing, does not have a poker section.

Online Lottery
Rwanda has an organized lottery system. Games are conducted in the country’s national lottery, which is land-based. The gambling legislation has sections that regulate this lottery. Rwanda is somewhat a young country whose first national lottery was launched in 2008. Since then, the business has been vibrant. Apparently, you will not miss a lotto draw every week. Still, Rwanda has no online lottery as at March 2019. This is attributed to weak laws governing this sector. In fact, some rogue foreign operators have accessed Rwandan markets without any restrictions.

Online Bingo
Just like lotteries, online bingo is not strictly monitored in Rwanda. Besides, you cannot find specialized online bingo in Rwanda. However, other foreign but licensed operators have found their way into the Rwandan territories.

Sports Betting
Currently, PremierBet is the most popular site offering sports betting, not only in Rwanda but also across Africa. Apart from PremierBet, three more sites are enticing players with sports betting. They include Worldstar Bets, Lucky Bets and AfricaBets.

Online Gambling Sites
Many online sites that operate in Rwanda are not locally owned. Nonetheless, they can operate as long as they are licensed and guarantee safety for Rwandan gamers. Some of them are global players with a high reputation. They include Omni Slots, King Billy Casino, 1xBET, Bet365, Betway among others.

Despite a few regulatory challenges, the Rwandan betting and gambling market is alive with local companies dealing mostly in land-based casinos. For Rwandan gamblers who fancy online betting, there is a host of non-local websites offering the games. It is a fun-filled market where you can find all sorts of games, including poker, bingo and other casino slots. Take a chance to savour these exciting games and change your life with amazing rewards.

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